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Domain Levels

About domain levels

Domain level indicates that server is capable of doing certain operations. Domain levels allows to migrate to a never version of freeIPA and activate new features when all servers are migrated and compatible with that particular feature. The domain level has to be increased manually, it is not raised during upgrade.

Details on design page

Current domain level

For new installations, the latest supported domain level is used by default

To get value of current domain level, please execute the following command:

$ ipa domainlevel-get
Current domain level: 0

Increase domain level

All IPA servers must support the domain level which you want to set. Current domain level cannot be lowered back to original value

To increase domain level, please use the following command:

$ ipa domainlevel-set 1
Current domain level: 1

Current domain levels

Domain level Introduced in version Features
0 4.2 compatible domain level with older IPA versions
1 4.3 Replica promotion, Topology management plugin


Replica promotion

Details on design page

Howto install replica: release notes 4.3.0

Topology management plugin

Details on design page