Reporting bugs or Features#

Security Bugs and Flaws#

  • Please inform us about all security-related bugs and flaws before you make the information public. It will give us chance to release a fixed version before the bug will be widely exploited.

  • Please send all relevant information to Red Hat Product Security Team.

  • FreeIPA team would like to thank Red Hat Product Security Team for their hard work!


  • We use Pagure for the upstream development, so all RFEs or bug reports should go primarily there.

  • Bugs against released Fedora versions can be logged using the following Bugzilla link (already set to use freeipa as a component)

  • Bugs against released Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions of Identity Management product can be logged using the following Bugzilla Bugzilla link (component ipa).

Code of Conduct#

Whatever way of communication or contribution mean you choose with the FreeIPA project, please respect our Code of Conduct.

Mailing Lists#

FreeIPA development is mostly done via the freeipa-devel mailing list. You can join at ` <>`__ Feel free to introduce yourself to the list and let us know what areas of development are you interest in.

Use freeipa-users mailing list to discuss deployment, configuration, and use of FreeIPA. The Users mailing list is the best place to ask “how to” questions and to share your experience with FreeIPA.

Subscribe to freeipa-interest mailing list for low-frequency announcements.


We also hang out on the IRC servers ( in the #freeipa channel.

How Can I Help?#

There are different areas, where FreeIPA project would welcome your help! Read all the pointers below, if there is anything unclear, feel free to ask!

How To Start#

The FreeIPA project uses the Pagure ticketing system to keep track of work being done. If you want to contribute check out if there are interesting tickets in the pipeline (or file your own).


Contribute code#

  • Contribute code by submitting bug fixes or new features. Help us make FreeIPA great!

  • Write a new plugin with a new functionality for FreeIPA and tell us! Maybe your plugin will make its way to the FreeIPA main project (see general considerations that plugin developers should keep in mind).


Would you like to see FreeIPA translated to your native language? Become a translator!

FreeIPA uses Fedora Weblate instance for translations, managed by Fedora Project. A Fedora Project account is needed.

How to translate#
  • visit Becoming a Fedora Translator page and become Fedora Project translator (please follow the steps listed there) (contacting your L10N language team may speed up the process)

  • visit FreeIPA Weblate page, choose your language and translate.

  • all your changes will be included in next FreeIPA release automatically. No more actions are required from your side. :-)


Help Us Test#

  • Help us test and verify the project by simply using it in your environment.

  • Testing page is good start point and contains the information about execution of existing test suites.

Contribute Tests#


Contribute documentation#