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V4/Domain Levels

Name: V4/Domain Levels
Ticket: #5018
Target version: 4.2.0
Author: SimoSorce
Green tick.png Reviewed by: Mkosek
Last updated: 2015-05-19 by Mkosek


As we add more and more features and we change the way some operations are done or add dependencies on new components we face some challenges with mixing different versions of FreeIPA, and migrating from one version to another.

A solution is needed to make it possible for 2 different versions of FreeIPA to interact properly.

Use Cases

  • Migration from one version of FreeIPA to another.
  • Coexistence of two different versions of FreeIPA servers in the same Domain.
  • Potentially, in future, identification of the features supported by a trusted FreeIPA Domain.


The simplest way to deal with domain level compatibility issues is to have a Domain-wide "Level" or "Version" associated with the Domain.

This Domain Version is a number written in the public shared tree and is maintained by the administrator, which can decide to increase it to activate new functionality after a migration from an older to a newer version of FreeIPA an all the participating domain controllers.

Domain Level Compliance

Checking if the Domain Level can be upgraded relies on the ability to check if all servers in the Domain satisfy minimum requirements that allow them to fully participate in a higher Domain Level.

Each server will expose a range of Supported Levels, which will be the basis to determine if the Domain Level can be raised. However additional checks maybe needed to determine if a domain level can be raised. For example a Domain Level may depend on a specific component to be configured and running on at least one server, but not all of them. And although all servers are capable of running the specific component, the server version alone won't be able to convey the fact that at least one server in fact does run such a component.

When the need will arise we'll have to determine how to properly check (and "warn" if not) if these services are available.

Older FreeIPA versions that do not maintain a Server Version attribute will be considered at level "0" which will be defined as something compatible with version 3.3.0/4.1.0 of FreeIPA as currently released by various distributions.

Raising the Domain Level

A CLI/UI command will be provided to allow raising the Domain Level. This command will embed the knowledge necessary to determine if an upgrade is possible. It will check various minimum version numbers and obligatory component presence across the domain by consulting the public shared tree.

If all the constraints are met then the Domain Level is raised to the level specified.

The Domain Level cannot be lowered as raising the Domain Level can cause changes to the tree (new schema, changes in behavior and data) that cannot be easily undone.

Effects of a raise in level on the Domain

All servers MUST monitor the Domain Level attribute. Upon replication if the Domain Level is raised then all server features that are affected by the change must be notified (or must be listening on the same change as plugins) and accordingly alter behavior.

It is HIGHLY desirable that no restart be required for a Domain Level change to take effect. If such will be needed in future, then we'll need to develop a privileged component that can be activated by the level change and can restart the affected components as needed.

An effort will need to be made each time a feature is change or a new feature is added to understand if a new Domain Level is required, and if so how a domain level change to enable the new feature will affect the domain. In particular, races due to the delayed activation (replication may take some time) must be taken in account when designing new features that will require a domain level change.

Storing Domain levels

Domain levels supported by the server should be stored in the server record and automatically updated during upgrade. The level is stored in cn=HOSTNAME,cn=masters,cn=ipa,cn=etc,SUFFIX. New attributeType and objectClass will be needed for storing the domain level range.

Selected Domain level shall be stored in cn=Domain Level,cn=ipa,cn=etc,SUFFIX

Feature Management


Add page for setting the domain level to Server Configuration tab.


There should be a command to raise global domain level. Server supported domain level(s) is automated, based on server version.


Presence of domain level is mandatory for all servers since the initial version.


Server supported domain level is automatically raised during upgrade to next version.

How to Test