hostname attribute in config#

I am not sure we really want to store it there, although we do not really have a way to change the hostname for an ipa server at the moment, why would we want to add yet another place were we would need to catch it ? DS already need to know its own name for the SSL certs, so why not use just the nsslapd-localhost attribute already available in cn=config ?

no problem to use the localhost attribute, it has to match the left- or right- hostname in a segment. I was not sure how this would be set (or how is it set in the entries below cn=masters, so that a match is guaranteed and wanted to offload the responsibility to some admin.

Replica configuration#

This section is a litlle bit unclea rto me (maybe an example entry mockup woiuld help). Is cn=replica xxx, … the name of the configuration entry where per-database replication is configured (like default filtereed attributes ?)

yes, it should be the per-database area, wlill try to clarify in the main page

Segment Names#

Should we just use a UUID to name the segment ?

we can use this, but for now the segment will be added by an admin, not autogenerated, so the client would have to generate the UUID. Another point is readability. In IPA I think the replicationagreements are named meTo, we could also use To.

attributes in cn#

config entries = Should the ReplicaRefresh interval also be managed globally ? Sounds like something you may want to tweak both with a per-topology default and overridable per segment (potentially per direction).

not sure which attribute you are referring to