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  • Publish presentations
  • Merge Documentation with DocumentationPortal
  • Show last modification date on each page. This would clearly indicate if some content is clearly outdated(2-3+ years).
  • Edit search to not go through pages from Obsolete category, or remove the pages from this category. First 10 results for "Samba" are Obsolete pages.
  • Point Trac wiki howto to the right location or the guide
  • Clearly define what documentation is where - which is in the user guide and which stays on the wiki, we want to avoid duplication. Proposal for wiki content:
    • Designs, proposals
    • Howtos that we either have not put into the docs or have not confirmed ourselves.
    • If there is a howto that is converted into a user guide chapter it should be marked as such on the wiki and had a pointer to the guide.

Texts from mailing list eligible for wiki

Blog posts eligible for wiki

Adam Young’s blog - FreeIPA tag

Pages marked for removal

This are the pages that are suggested to be removed / moved to obsolete.

  • Frequently_Asked_Questions (July 2009) - does not contain useful FAQ for FreeIPA (solving common problems during installation, etc.). Rather contains product-related FAQ, and quite obsolete anyway. This needs to be updated&renamed or removed.

Orphaned (or deeply buried) pages that seem to contain relevant info

Needs a minor reformatting