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User Documentation

User Guides

Use Red Hat Enteprise Linux documentation:

Upstream user guide is not maintained anymore as all effort is put into the Red Hat Enteprise Linux documentation. Bugs found in the documentation can be reported in Red Hat bugzilla

By Component

Learn about FreeIPA by reading information about the particular components that compose the entire solution.

Additional Resources

Old Resources

Developer Documentation

Design goals and core decisions

Feature Designs

This section contains designs that have actually been implemented in FreeIPA:

Feature Proposals

This section contains new or historical proposal that have not yet been approved/implemented or that have been superseded or abandoned.

Additional Resources

Tester Documentation

Test Plans

This section contains test plans that have been designed for FreeIPA:

FreeIPA Training Series

FreeIPA 4.5

FreeIPA 3.3 & SSSD 1.11

FreeIPA server presentations

SSSD client presentations

FreeIPA 3.0 & SSSD 1.9.2

FreeIPA server presentations

SSSD client presentations

Public Presentations

Here you can find presentations or other materials which FreeIPA team presented on various public conferences.