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Feature template

Name: Feature template
Ticket: #TODO
Author: Jdoe
Incomplete.png Pending review
Last updated: 2018-01-17 by Pvoborni


Short overview of the problem set and any background material or references one would need to understand the details.

Use Cases

Walk through one or more full examples of how the feature will be used. These should not all be the simplest cases.

How to Use

This a starting point for design discussions.

Easy to follow instructions how to use the new feature according to the use cases described above. FreeIPA user needs to be able to follow the steps and demonstrate the new features.

The chapter may be divided in sub-sections per Use Case.


The proposed solution. This may include but is not limited to:

For other hints what to consider see general considerations page.


Any implementation details you would like to spell out. Describe any technical details here. Make sure you cover

  • Dependencies: any new dependencies that FreeIPA project packages would gain and that needs to be packaged in distros? The proposal needs to be carefully reviewed, so that FreeIPA dependency size does not increase without strong justification.
  • Backup and Restore: any new file to back up or change required in Backup and Restore?

If this section is not trivial, move it to /Implementation sub page and only include link.

Feature Management


How the feature will be managed via the Web UI.


Overview of the CLI commands. Example:

Command Options
config-mod --user-auth-type=password/otp/radius
user-mod --user-auth-type=password/otp/radius --radius=STR --radius-username=STR


Any configuration options? Any commands to enable/disable the feature or turn on/off its parts?


Any impact on upgrades? Remove this section if not applicable.

Test Plan

Test scenarios that will be transformed to test cases for FreeIPA Continuous Integration during implementation or review phase. This can be also link to source in cgit with the test, if appropriate.