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Release date Released 2018-01-31

The FreeIPA team would like to announce FreeIPA 4.6.3 release!

It can be downloaded from http://www.freeipa.org/page/Downloads. Builds for Fedora 27 will be available in the official COPR repository.

Highlights in 4.6.3

Bug fixes

FreeIPA 4.6.3 is a stabilization release for the features delivered as a part of 4.6.0. There are more than 31 bug-fixes details of which can be seen in the list of resolved tickets below.


Upgrade instructions are available on Upgrade page.


Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-users mailing list (https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/freeipa-users@lists.fedorahosted.org/) or #freeipa channel on Freenode.

Resolved tickets

  • 7253 Custodia keys are not removed on uninstall
  • 7381 Drop PyOpenSSL requirement
  • 7373 "An internal error has occurred" show up when trying to add a user to the Member User table in Vault.
  • 7350 ObjectclassViolation seen while adding idview with domain-resolution-order option.
  • 7341 nsslapd-sasl-max-buffer-size is hardcoded to '2097152' during install even if another value was provided in an LDIF ( --dirsrv-config-file )
  • 7338 FreeIPA server install/upgrade does not process schema.d/ files correctly
  • 7333 Need to document kinit_lifetime in /etc/ipa/default.conf
  • 7318 Cannot uninstall ipaserver after fresh install - {'desc': "Can't contact LDAP server", 'errno': 111, 'info': 'Connection refused'}
  • 7315 Packaging: use pylint 1.7.5 and remove disable for import stat
  • 7312 Turn installutils.set_directive() into a context manager
  • 7288 set_directive can overwrite wrong directives
  • 7280 CA less IPA install with external certificates fails on RHEL 7 in FIPS mode
  • 7276 ipatest: automation for pagure ticket 7174
  • 7265 test_vault: increase WAIT_AFTER_ARCHIVE
  • 7264 IPA trust-add internal error (expected security.dom_sid got None)
  • 7250 Spelling error in ipa-replica-conncheck man page
  • 7247 ipa-backup does not backup Custodia keys and files
  • 7237 ipa-getkeytab man page should have more details about consequences of krb5 key renewal
  • 7231 ipa-restore broken with python2
  • 7227 389-ds-base crashed as part of ipa-server-intall in ipa-uuid
  • 7223 show REPLICA_FILE as optional when ipa-ca-install is executed with --help
  • 7221 Replica installation at domain-level 0 fails against upgraded ipa-server
  • 7220 Third KRA installation in topology fails
  • 7202 IPA User Details not being displayed in WebUI
  • 7182 ca_less testcase fixes
  • 7174 ipa-replica-install might fail because of an already existing entry cn=ipa-http-delegation,cn=s4u2proxy,cn=etc,$SUFFI
  • 7169 domain resolution order field in Identity->ID Views->Settings tab missing in WebUI
  • 7168 IPA failing to authenticate via password+OTP on RHEL7.4 with fips enabled
  • 7161 ipaplatform module import error in 4.5 branch on f26 causing server installation failure
  • 7145 ca_certfile is not honored on API requests
  • 7111 Incorrect attribute level rights (ipaallowedtoperform) of service object
  • 7016 ipa_server_certinstall - restart krb5kdc service after kdc cert is installed
  • 6968 Consider moving upgrades from rpm install post
  • 6703 Enable ephemeral KRA requests
  • 6666 Unable to re-add broken AD trust - Unexpected Information received
  • 6611 Second phase of --external-ca ipa-server-install setup fails when dirsrv is not running
  • 6371 host-find slowness caused by missing host attributes in index
  • 6091 [CI test]: improve DNS locations test
  • 5801 ipa-server-install: error: option --forwarder: invalid IP address cannot use loopback IP address when using Docker embedded DNS server

Detailed changelog since 4.6.2

Alexander Bokovoy (13)

  • ipaserver/plugins/trust.py: pep8 compliance
  • trust: detect and error out when non-AD trust with IPA domain name exists
  • ipaserver/plugins/trust.py; fix some indenting issues
  • ipa-extdom-extop: refactor nsswitch operations
  • test_dns_plugin: cope with missing IPv6 in Travis
  • travis-ci: collect logs from cmocka tests
  • ipa-kdb: override krb5.conf when testing KDC code in cmocka
  • adtrust: filter out subdomains when defining our topology to AD
  • ipa-replica-manage: implicitly ignore initial time skew in force-sync
  • ds: ignore time skew during initial replication step
  • Make sure upgrade also checks for IPv6 stack
  • OTP import: support hash names with HMAC- prefix
  • dsinstance: Restore context after changing dse.ldif

Abhijeet Kasurde (3)

  • Trivial typo fix.
  • ipatests: Fix interactive prompt in ca_less tests
  • tests: correct usage of hostname in logger in tasks

Alexander Koksharov (2)

  • ensuring 389-ds plugins are enabled after install
  • kra-install: better warning message

amitkuma (2)

  • Custom ca-subject logging
  • Documenting kinit_lifetime in /etc/ipa/default.conf

Aleksei Slaikovskii (9)

  • test_backup_and_restore.py AssertionError fix
  • ipalib/frontend.py output_for_cli loops optimization
  • View plugin/command help in pager
  • ipa-restore: Set umask to 0022 while restoring
  • Prevent installation with single label domains
  • Add a notice to restart ipa services after certs are installed
  • Fix TypeError while ipa-restore is restoring a backup
  • ipaclient.plugins.dns: Cast DNS name to unicode
  • Less confusing message for PKINIT configuration during install

Christian Heimes (58)

  • Remove unused PyOpenSSL from spec file
  • Give ODS socket a bit of time
  • Require dbus-python on F27
  • Fix pylint error in ipapython/dn.py
  • Lower python-ldap requirement for F27
  • ipa-run-tests: make --ignore absolute, too
  • Sort external schema files
  • LGTM: unnecessary else in for loop
  • LGTM: Use explicit string concatenation
  • LGTM: raise handle_not_found()
  • LGTM: Fix multiple use before assignment
  • LGTM: Remove redundant assignment
  • LGTM: Fix exception in permission_del
  • LGTM: Membership test with a non-container
  • LGTM: Name unused variable in loop
  • LGTM: Use of exit() or quit()
  • LGTM: Silence unmatchable dollar
  • Make fastlint even faster
  • ipa-run-tests: replace chdir with plugin
  • Include ipa_krb5.h without util prefix
  • Custodia uninstall: Don't fail when LDAP is down
  • Require python-ldap 3.0.0b2
  • Use pylint 1.7.5 with fix for bad python3 import
  • Vault: Add argument checks to encrypt/decrypt
  • Fix pylint warnings inconsistent-return-statements
  • Travis: Add workaround for missing IPv6 support
  • Replace nose with unittest and pytest
  • Add safe DirectiveSetter context manager
  • More log in verbs
  • Address more 'to login'
  • Fix grammar error: Log out
  • Fix grammar in login screen
  • Add make targets for fast linting and testing
  • Add marker needs_ipaapi and option to skip tests
  • Add python_requires to Python package metadata
  • Remove Custodia keys on uninstall
  • NSSDB: use preferred convert command
  • Skip test_rpcclient_context in client tests
  • Update to python-ldap 3.0.0
  • Update builddep command to install Python 3 and tox deps
  • Add workaround for pytest 3.3.0 bug
  • Fix dict iteration bug in dnsrecord_show
  • Reproducer for bug in structured dnsrecord_show
  • Use Python 3 on Travis
  • Prevent installation of Py2 and Py3 mod_wsgi
  • Require UTF-8 fs encoding
  • libotp: add libraries after objects
  • Run tox tests for PyPI packages on Travis
  • Support sqlite NSSDB
  • Py3: Fix vault tests
  • Test script for ipa-custodia
  • ipa-custodia: use Dogtag's alias/pwdfile.txt
  • Use namespace-aware meta importer for ipaplatform
  • Remove ignore_import_errors
  • Backup ipa-custodia conf and keys
  • Py3: fix fetching of tar files
  • Use os.path.isfile() and isdir()
  • Block PyOpenSSL to prevent SELinux execmem in wsgi

David Kupka (2)

  • schema: Fix internal error in param-{find,show} with nonexistent object
  • tests: Add LDAP URI to ldappasswd explicitly

Felipe Barreto (12)

  • Fixing vault-add-member to be compatible with py3
  • Fixing test_backup_and_restore assert to do not rely on the order
  • Fixing test_testconfig with proper asserts
  • Warning the user when using a loopback IP as forwarder
  • Removing replica-s4u2proxy.ldif since it's not used anymore
  • Fix log capture when running pytests_multihosts commands
  • Checks if replica-s4u2proxy.ldif should be applied
  • Fixing tox and pylint errors
  • Fixing param-{find,show} and output-{find,show} commands
  • Checks if Dir Server is installed and running before IPA installation
  • Changing idoverrideuser-* to treat objectClass case insensitively
  • Fixing how sssd.conf is updated when promoting a client to replica

François Cami (1)

Florence Blanc-Renaud (16)

  • test_integration: backup custodia conf and keys
  • Idviews: fix objectclass violation on idview-add
  • Improve help message for ipa trust-add --range-type
  • Fix ca less IPA install on fips mode
  • Fix ipa-replica-install when key not protected by PIN
  • Fix ipa-restore (python2)
  • ipa-getkeytab man page: add more details about the -r option
  • Py3: fix ipa-replica-conncheck
  • Fix ipa-replica-conncheck when called with --principal
  • py3: fix ipa cert-request --database ...
  • ipa-cacert-manage renew: switch from ext-signed CA to self-signed
  • ipa-server-upgrade: do not add untracked certs to the request list
  • ipa-server-upgrade: fix the logic for tracking certs
  • Fix ipa-server-upgrade with server cert tracking
  • Python3: Fix winsync replication agreement
  • Fix ipa config-mod --ca-renewal-master

Fraser Tweedale (32)

  • Don't use admin cert during KRA installation
  • Add uniqueness constraint on CA ACL name
  • Add tests for installutils.set_directive
  • installutils: refactor set_directive
  • pep8: reduce line lengths in CAInstance.__enable_crl_publish
  • Prevent set_directive from clobbering other keys
  • install: report CA Subject DN and subject base to be used
  • ipa_certupdate: avoid classmethod and staticmethod
  • Run certupdate after promoting to CA-ful deployment
  • ipa-ca-install: run certupdate as initial step
  • CertUpdate: make it easy to invoke from other programs
  • renew_ra_cert: fix update of IPA RA user entry
  • Re-enable some KRA installation tests
  • Use correct version of Python in RPM scripts
  • Remove caJarSigningCert profile and related code
  • CertDB: remove unused method issue_signing_cert
  • Remove XPI and JAR MIME types from httpd config
  • Remove mention of firefox plugin after CA-less install
  • Add missing space in ipa-replica-conncheck error
  • ipa-cacert-manage: avoid some duplicate string definitions
  • ipa-cacert-manage: handle alternative tracking request CA name
  • Add tests for external CA profile specifiers
  • ipa-cacert-manage: support MS V2 template extension
  • certmonger: add support for MS V2 template
  • certmonger: refactor 'resubmit_request' and 'modify'
  • ipa-ca-install: add --external-ca-profile option
  • install: allow specifying external CA template
  • Remove duplicate references to external CA type
  • cli: simplify parsing of arbitrary types
  • py3: fix pkcs7 file processing
  • ipa-pki-retrieve-key: ensure we do not crash
  • issue_server_cert: avoid application of str to bytes

John Morris (1)

  • Increase dbus client timeouts during CA install

Martin Basti (1)

  • py3: set samba dependencies

Michal Reznik (23)

  • test_caless: add SAN extension to other certs
  • prci: run full external_ca test suite
  • tests: move CA related modules to pytest_plugins
  • test_external_ca: selfsigned->ext_ca->selfsigned
  • test_tasks: add sign_ca_and_transport() function
  • paths: add IPA_CACERT_MANAGE and IPA_CERTUPDATE constants
  • test_caless: test PKINIT install and anchor update
  • test_renewal_master: add ipa csreplica-manage test
  • test_cert_plugin: check if SAN is added with default profile
  • test_help: test "help" command without cache
  • test_x509: test very long OID
  • test_batch_plugin: fix py2/3 failing assertion
  • test_vault: increase WAIT_AFTER_ARCHIVE
  • test_caless: fix http.p12 is not valid
  • test_caless: fix TypeError on domain_level compare
  • manpage: ipa-replica-conncheck - fix minor typo
  • test_external_dns: add missing test cases
  • test_caless: open CA cert in binary mode
  • test_forced_client: decode get_file_contents() result
  • tests: add host zone with overlap
  • tests_py3: decode get_file_contents() result
  • test_caless: add caless to external CA test
  • test_external_ca: switch to python-cryptography

Mohammad Rizwan Yusuf (1)

  • ipatest: replica install with existing entry on master

Petr Čech (2)

  • tests: Mark failing tests as failing
  • ipatests: Fix on logs collection

Petr Vobornik (1)

  • browser config: cleanup after removal of Firefox extension

Pavel Vomacka (16)

  • WebUI: make keytab tables on service and host pages writable
  • Include npm related files into Makefile and .gitignore
  • Update jsl.conf in tests subfolder
  • Edit TravisCI conf files to run WebUI unit tests
  • Update README about WebUI unit tests
  • Update tests
  • Create symlink to qunit.js
  • Update jsl to not warn about module in Gruntfile
  • Add Gruntfile and package.json to ui directory
  • Update QUnit CSS file to 2.4.1
  • Update qunit.js to version 2.4.1
  • Extend ui_driver to support geckodriver log_path
  • WebUI: make Domain Resolution Order writable
  • WebUI: Fix calling undefined method during reset passwords
  • WebUI: remove unused parameter from get_whoami_command
  • Adds whoami DS plugin in case that plugin is missing

Rob Crittenden (13)

  • Log contents of files created or modified by IPAChangeConf
  • Don't manually generate default.conf in server, use IPAChangeConf
  • Enable ephemeral KRA requests
  • Make the path to CS.cfg a class variable
  • Run server upgrade in ipactl start/restart
  • If the cafile is not present or readable then raise an exception
  • Add test to ensure that properties are being set in rpcclient
  • Use the CA chain file from the RPC context
  • Fix cert-find for CA-less installations
  • Use 389-ds provided method for file limits tuning
  • Collect group membership without a size limit
  • Add exec to /var/lib/ipa/sysrestore for install status inquiries
  • Use TLS for the cert-find operation

Robbie Harwood (1)

  • ipa-kdb: support KDB DAL version 7.0

Rishabh Dave (1)

  • ipa-ca-install: mention REPLICA_FILE as optional in help

Sumit Bose (1)

  • ipa-kdb: reinit trusted domain data for enterprise principals

Stanislav Laznicka (53)

  • replica_prepare: Remove the correct NSS DB files
  • Add a helpful comment to ca.py:install_check()
  • Don't allow OTP or RADIUS in FIPS mode
  • caless tests: decode cert bytes in debug log
  • caless tests: make debug log of certificates sensible
  • Add indexing to improve host-find performance
  • Add the sub operation for fqdn index config
  • x509: remove subject_base() function
  • x509: remove the strip_header() function
  • py3: pass raw entries to LDIFWriter
  • ipatests: use python3 if built with python3
  • PRCI: use a new template for py3 testing
  • travis: pep8 changes to pycodestyle
  • csrgen_ffi: cast the DN value to unsigned char *
  • Remove pkcs10 module contents
  • Add tests for CertificateSigningRequest
  • parameters: introduce CertificateSigningRequest
  • parameters: relax type checks
  • csrgen: update docstring for py3
  • csrgen: accept public key info as Bytes
  • csrgen_ffi: pass bytes where "char *" is required
  • p11-kit: add serial number in DER format
  • travis: make tests fail if pep8 does not pass
  • Remove the `message` attribute from exceptions
  • rpc: don't decode cookie_string if it's None
  • Don't write p11-kit EKU extension object if no EKU
  • pylint: fix missing module
  • travis: run the same tests in python2/3
  • certmap testing: fix wrong cert construction
  • ldap2: don't use decode() on str instance
  • client: fix retrieving certs from HTTP
  • uninstall: remove deprecation warning
  • ldif: handle attribute names as strings
  • pkinit: don't fail when no pkinit servers found
  • pkinit: fix sorting dictionaries
  • travis: remove "fast" from "makecache fast"
  • Change Travis CI container to FreeIPA-owned
  • Change the requirements for pylint in wheel
  • rpcserver: don't call xmlserver.Command
  • secrets: disable relative-imports for custodia
  • pylint: disable __hash__ for some classes
  • install.util: disable no-value-for-parameter
  • pylint: make unsupported-assignment-operation check local
  • sudocmd: fix unsupported assignment
  • pylint: Iterate through dictionaries
  • parameters: convert Decimal.precision to int
  • dcerpc: disable unbalanced-tuple-unpacking
  • dcerpc: refactor assess_dcerpc_exception
  • pylint: fix no-member in schema plugin
  • csrgen: fix incorrect codec for pyasn BitString
  • pylint: fix not-context-manager false positives
  • travis: temporary workaround for Travis CI
  • Travis: archive logs of py3 jobs

Thierry Bordaz (1)

  • 389-ds-base crashed as part of ipa-server-intall in ipa-uuid

Tomas Krizek (17)

  • prci: bump ci-master-f27 template to 1.0.2
  • prci: define testing topologies
  • prci: start testing PRs on fedora 27
  • py3 spec: remove python2 dependencies from server-trust-ad
  • py3 spec: remove python2 dependencies from freeipa-server
  • py3 spec: use proper python2 package names
  • ipatests: fix circular import for collect_logs
  • ipatests: collect logs for external_ca test suite
  • prci: add external_ca test
  • ldap: limit the retro changelog to dns subtree
  • spec: bump 389-ds-base to
  • ipatests: set default 389-ds log level to 0
  • prci: update F26 template
  • spec: bump python-pyasn1 to 0.3.2-2
  • prci: use f26 template for master
  • VERSION: set 4.6 git snapshot
  • Contributors.txt: update

Thorsten Scherf (1)

  • Add debug option to ipa-replica-manage and remove references to api_env var.