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FreeIPA v3

The main theme of FreeIPA v3 is Active Directory integration. See the AD Trust page for more information

Latest Release - FreeIPA 3.3.5

For more information about it see Release Notes.


Installing FreeIPA is simple (assuming freeipa packages are available in system repositories):

# yum install freeipa-server
# ipa-server-install

See Documentation or Quick Start Guide for information about what you can do with your new and shiny FreeIPA server.


To upgrade an existing FreeIPA install:

# yum update freeipa-server
Upgrading old FreeIPA servers with CA
Upgrades of FreeIPA servers with CA installed prior to 3.1 requires manual migration procedure

Upgrading from 2.2.0 and later versions is supported. Upgrading from previous versions is not supported and has not been tested.

Enrolled client machines do not need to be updated unless you want to take advantage of new features.

Source code for developers

Please see the page Contribute/Code.

Older Releases

FreeIPA 3.2

FreeIPA 3.1

FreeIPA 3.0

FreeIPA v2

FreeIPA v1

  • Main theme: Identity management for users and groups including a simple client and server installation script, synchronized LDAP/Kerberos passwords, a python-based XML-RPC management framework and a TurboGears-based Web UI.
  • Latest release: FreeIPA 1.2.2 (PRD, release page)
  • Sources: http://freeipa.org/downloads/src/freeipa-1.2.2.tar.gz
  • Status: This version is no longer developed or maintained. See FreeIPAv1 for related information.

Bleeding Edge

Like living on the bleeding edge? Try the repo at http://jdennis.fedorapeople.org/ipa-devel/ipa-devel-fedora.repo

This contains the continuous builds of FreeIPA and SSSD. A new build gets spun up every time we make a commit. Beware, there be dragons.