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Release date Released 2015-02-18

The FreeIPA team would like to announce FreeIPA v4.1.3 bug fix release!

It can be downloaded from http://www.freeipa.org/page/Downloads. The builds will be available for Fedora 21. Builds for Fedora 20 are available in the official COPR repository.

Highlights in 4.1.3


  • ID Views support user SSH public keys
  • ID Views support IPA user overrides
  • OTP token authentication and synchronization windows are configurable
  • RADIUS server proxy fields added to user page in Web UI

Bug fixes

  • Issues fixed in ipa-restore:
    • doesn't crash if replica is unreachable
    • checks if it isn't a restore on non matching host
    • improved validation of input options to disallow invalid combinations
    • doesn't fail if run on a system without IPA installed
    • creates correct log directories
  • certificate renewal process is synchronized
  • migrate-ds: warns user if compat plugin is enabled
  • PassSync plugin could not update synchronized users due to too strict access control
  • replication agreements by Replication Administrators could not be removed due to strict access control
  • anonymous read of a DUA profile was not possible due to strict access control
  • various upgrade fixes related to DNSSEC


Upgrade instructions are available on Upgrade page.


Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-users mailing list (http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/freeipa-users) or #freeipa channel on Freenode.

Detailed Changelog since 4.1.2

Alexander Bokovoy (4)

  • Support Samba PASSDB 0.2.0 aka interface version 24
  • ipa-cldap: support NETLOGON_NT_VERSION_5EX_WITH_IP properly
  • ipa-kdb: when processing transitions, hand over unknown ones to KDC
  • ipa-kdb: reject principals from disabled domains as a KDC policy

David Kupka (5)

  • Use singular in help metavars + update man pages.
  • Always add /etc/hosts record when DNS is being configured.
  • Remove ipanttrustauthincoming/ipanttrustauthoutgoing from ipa trust-add output.
  • Abort backup restoration on not matching host.
  • idviews: Allow setting ssh public key on ipauseroverride-add

Gabe Alford (3)

  • Remove dependency on subscription-manager
  • Typos in ipa-rmkeytab options help and man page
  • permission-add does not prompt for ipapermright in interactive mode

Jan Cholasta (18)

  • Fix automatic CA cert renewal endless loop in dogtag-ipa-ca-renew-agent
  • Do not renew the IPA CA cert by serial number in dogtag-ipa-ca-renew-agent
  • Improve validation of --instance and --backend options in ipa-restore
  • Check subject name encoding in ipa-cacert-manage renew
  • Refer the user to freeipa.org when something goes wrong in ipa-cacert-manage
  • Fix ipa-restore on systems without IPA installed
  • Remove RUV from LDIF files before using them in ipa-restore
  • Fix CA certificate renewal syslog alert
  • Do not crash on unknown services in installutils.stopped_service
  • Restart dogtag when its server certificate is renewed
  • Make certificate renewal process synchronized
  • Fix validation of ipa-restore options
  • Do not assume certmonger is running in httpinstance
  • Put LDIF files to their original location in ipa-restore
  • Revert "Make all ipatokenTOTP attributes mandatory"
  • Create correct log directories during full restore in ipa-restore
  • Do not crash when replica is unreachable in ipa-restore
  • Bump 389-ds-base and pki-ca dependencies for POODLE fixes

Jan Pazdziora (1)

  • No explicit zone specification.

Martin Babinsky (11)

  • Moved dbus-python dependence to freeipa-python package
  • ipa-kdb: unexpected error code in 'ipa_kdb_audit_as_req' triggers a message
  • always get PAC for client principal if AS_REQ is true
  • ipa-kdb: more robust handling of principal addition/editing
  • OTP: failed search for the user of last token emits an error message
  • ipa-pwd-extop: added an informational comment about intentional fallthrough
  • ipa-uuid: emit a message when unexpected mod type is encountered
  • OTP: emit a log message when LDAP entry for config record is not found
  • ipa-client-install: put eol character after the last line of altered config file(s)
  • migrate-ds: exit with error message if no users/groups to migrate are found
  • Changing the token owner changes also the manager

Martin Bašti (19)

  • Fix zonemgr option encoding detection
  • Throw zonemgr error message before installation proceeds
  • Upgrade fix: masking named should be executed only once
  • Using wget to get status of CA
  • Show SSHFP record containing space in fingerprint
  • Fix don't check certificate during getting CA status
  • Fix: Upgrade forwardzones zones after adding newer replica
  • Fix zone find during forwardzone upgrade
  • Fix traceback if zonemgr error contains unicode
  • DNS tests: separate current forward zone tests
  • New test cases for Forward_zones
  • Detect and warn about invalid DNS forward zone configuration
  • DNS tests: warning if forward zone is inactive
  • Add debug messages into client autodetection
  • DNSSEC catch ldap exceptions in ipa-dnskeysyncd
  • DNSSEC: fix root zone dns name conversion
  • Always return absolute idnsname in dnszone commands
  • Use dyndns_update instead of deprecated sssd option
  • Fix reference counting in pkcs11 extension

Martin Košek (7)

  • Bump SSSD Requires to 1.12.3
  • Allow PassSync user to locate and update NT users
  • Allow Replication Administrators manipulate Winsync Agreements
  • Replication Administrators cannot remove replication agreements
  • Add anonymous read ACI for DUA profile
  • Print PublicError traceback when in debug mode
  • group-detach does not add correct objectclasses

Nathaniel McCallum (7)

  • Catch USBError during YubiKey location
  • Preliminary refactoring of libotp files
  • Move authentication configuration cache into libotp
  • Enable last token deletion when password auth type is configured
  • Make token auth and sync windows configurable
  • Create an OTP help topic
  • Prefer TCP connections to UDP in krb5 clients

Petr Voborník (10)

  • webui: add radius fields to user page
  • fix indentation in ipa-restore page
  • add --hosts and --hostgroup options to allow/retrieve keytab methods
  • webui: fix service unprovisioning
  • webui: increase duration of notification messages
  • revert removal of cn attribute from idnsRecord
  • migrate-ds: fix compat plugin check
  • rpcclient: use json_encode_binary for verbose output
  • Fix TOTP Synchronization Window label
  • Become IPA 4.1.3

Simo Sorce (3)

  • Avoid calling ldap functions without a context
  • Remove the removal of the ccache
  • Handle DAL ABI change in MIT 1.13

Tomáš Babej (9)

  • Re-initialize NSS database after otptoken plugin tests
  • certs: Fix incorrect flag handling in load_cacert
  • hosts: Display assigned ID view by default in host-find and show commands
  • idviews: Complain if host is already assigned the ID View in idview-apply
  • idviews: Ignore host or hostgroup options set to None
  • baseldap: Handle missing parent objects properly in *-find commands
  • ipatests: Add coverage for referential integrity plugin applied on ipaAssignedIDView
  • ipatests: Fix old command references in the ID views tests
  • ipatests: Fix incorrect assumptions in idviews tests