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Release date Released 2014-11-26

The FreeIPA team would like to announce FreeIPA v4.1.2 security release!

It can be downloaded from http://www.freeipa.org/page/Downloads. The builds will be available for Fedora 21. Builds for Fedora 20 are available in the official COPR repository.

Highlights in 4.1.2

Bug fixes

  • CVE-2014-7850: ensure that user input is properly escaped to prevent XSS attacks ticket #4742
  • harden mod_nss config on update to use TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2
  • fixed getkeytab operation ticket #4718, ticket #4728
  • backup and restore fixes related to certificates restore and SELinux context
  • static code analysis fixes
  • various small fixes


An IPA server can be upgraded simply by installing updated rpms. The server does not need to be shut down in advance.

Please note that if you are doing the upgrade in special environment (e.g. FedUp) which does not allow running the LDAP server during upgrade process, upgrade scripts need to be run manually after the first boot:

# ipa-ldap-updater --upgrade
# ipa-upgradeconfig

Also note that the performance improvements require an extended set of indexes to be configured. RPM update for an IPA server with a excessive number of users may require several minutes to finish.

If you have multiple servers you may upgrade them one at a time. It is expected that all servers will be upgraded in a relatively short period (days or weeks, not months). They should be able to co-exist peacefully but new features will not be available on old servers and enrolling a new client against an old server will result in the SSH keys not being uploaded.

Downgrading a server once upgraded is not supported.

Upgrading from 3.3.0 and later versions is supported. Upgrading from previous versions is not supported and has not been tested.

An enrolled client does not need the new packages installed unless you want to re-enroll it. SSH keys for already installed clients are not uploaded, you will have to re-enroll the client or manually upload the keys.


Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-users mailing list (http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/freeipa-users) or #freeipa channel on Freenode.

Detailed Changelog since 4.1.1

Alexander Bokovoy (2)

  • Update slapi-nis dependency to pull 0.54.1
  • AD trust: improve trust validation

David Kupka (6)

  • Remove unneeded internal methods. Move code to public methods.
  • Remove service file even if it isn't link.
  • Produce better error in group-add command.
  • Fix --{user,group}-ignore-attribute in migration plugin.
  • ipa-restore: Check if directory is provided + better errors.
  • Fix error message for nonexistent members and add tests.

Gabe Alford (1)

  • ipa-server-install Directory Manager help incorrect

Jan Cholasta (15)

  • Fix CA certificate backup and restore
  • Update Requires on pki-ca to 10.2.1-0.1
  • Fix wrong expiration date on renewed IPA CA certificates
  • Restore file extended attributes and SELinux context in ipa-restore
  • Use correct service name in cainstance.backup_config
  • Stop tracking certificates before restoring them in ipa-restore
  • Remove redefinition of LOG from ipa-otp-lasttoken
  • Unload P11_Helper object's library when it is finalized in ipap11helper
  • Fix Kerberos error handling in ipa-sam
  • Fix unchecked return value in ipa-kdb
  • Fix unchecked return values in ipa-winsync
  • Fix unchecked return value in ipa-join
  • Fix unchecked return value in krb5 common utils
  • Fix memory leak in GetKeytabControl asn1 code
  • Add TLS 1.2 to the protocol list in mod_nss config

Martin Bašti (12)

  • Fix: DNS installer adds invalid zonemgr email
  • Fix: DNS policy upgrade raises asertion error
  • Fix upgrade referint plugin
  • Upgrade: fix trusts objectclass violationi
  • Fix named working directory permissions
  • Fix: zonemgr must be unicode value
  • Fix warning message should not contain CLI commands
  • Show warning instead of error if CA did not start
  • Raise right exception if domain name is not valid
  • Fix pk11helper module compiler warnings
  • Fix: read_ip_addresses should return ipaddr object
  • Fix detection of encoding in zonemgr option

Martin Košek (1)

  • Lower pki-ca requires to 10.1.2

Nathaniel McCallum (3)

  • Improve otptoken help messages
  • Ensure users exist when assigning tokens to them
  • Enable QR code display by default in otptoken-add

Petr Viktorin (5)

  • ipa-restore: Don't crash if AD trust is not installed
  • ipaplatform: Use the dirsrv service, not target
  • Do not restore SELinux settings that were not backed up
  • Add additional backup & restore checks
  • copy_schema_to_ca: Fallback to old import location for ipaplatform.services

Petr Voborník (9)

  • ranges: prohibit setting --rid-base with ipa-trust-ad-posix type
  • unittests: baserid for ipa-ad-trust-posix idranges
  • ldapupdater: set baserid to 0 for ipa-ad-trust-posix ranges
  • idrange: include raw range type in output
  • webui: prohibit setting rid base with ipa-trust-ad-posix type
  • webui: fix potential XSS vulnerabilities
  • restore: clear httpd ccache after restore
  • webui: use domain name instead of domain SID in idrange adder dialog
  • webui: normalize idview tab labels

Petr Špaček (1)

  • Fix minimal version of BIND for Fedora 20 and 21

Rob Crittenden (2)

  • Search using proper scope when connecting CA instances
  • Use NSS protocol range API to set available TLS protocols

Simo Sorce (4)

  • Add UTC date to GIT snapshot version generation
  • Fix filtering of enctypes in server code.
  • Add asn1c generated code for keytab controls
  • Use asn1c helpers to encode/decode the getkeytab control

Thorsten Scherf (1)

  • Add help string on how to configure multiple DNS forwards for various cli tools