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V4/Winsync Migration Tool

Name: V4/Winsync Migration Tool
Ticket: #4524
Target version: 4.2.0
Incomplete.png Pending review
Last updated: 2015-07-24 by Pvoborni


FreeIPA has an ability to create IPA-AD trusts, which are the preferable way of providing access to the IPA domain for the users from AD. However, the previous supported mechanism, which is already deployed in many environments was the winsync replication agreement, where the users from AD are replicated into the IPA tree and assigned UIDs and GIDs.

To migrate the deployment from winsync synchronization to cross-realm trust, one needs to preserve the UIDs and GIDs that were generated for the replicated users.

IPA 4.1 brings the ability to create user ID overrides for the users from the AD domain which is precisely the mechanism we need for the seamless migration, without changing the data on the AD side.

This tool aims to automate the migration process.

Use Cases

The scope of this tool is to migrate all winsync'ed users from a given AD forest.



  • An established trust with the AD domain in question

The detection of the realm to use

Realm name of the AD users will be provided by the user.

Detection of the applicable users

The winsynced users will be detected using the "(&(objectclass=ntuser)(ntUserDomainId=*))" LDAP filter on the cn=users,$SUFFIX subtree.

Migration procedure for one user

For each user, we will create an user ID override with the following attributes from the original winsynced entry:

  • uid
  • uidnumber
  • gidnumber
  • homedirectory
  • gecos

The original user winsynced entry will be removed if the creation of the user override was successful.

Feature Management


Command Options
ipa-winsync-migrate --ad-realm <AD_REALM>
--unattended -U

How to Test

A continuous integration test will be created to test the migration procedure.


Tomas Babej