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Refactorings and infrastructure improvements

These are long-term efforts without (many) immediately visible effects. As a result they often have low priority and will take some time to finish.

Each entry has a contact person who has either started working on it, or just knows about the topic or can refer you to someone who does.


LDAP code rework

Currently, we use 2 to 4 APIs for LDAP: IPAdmin (Entity, Entry), ldap2, and raw python-ldap. Consolidate them into a single better tool.

Ticket: #2660 installer code should use ldap2

Contact: pviktori (installers), jcholast (plugins)

Admin tool framework

Our installation and management tools use too much copy-pasted spaghetti code. Fit them within a framework and share the common parts.

Ticket: #2652 Framework for admin/install tools

Contact: pviktori

i18n improvements

  • Use fake translations for tests
  • Split up huge strings so the entire text doesn't have to be retranslated each time something changes/is added (done, see Coding Best Practices#Split long translatable strings)
  • Keep a history/repo of the translations, since Transifex only stores the latest version
  • Update the source strings on Transifex more often (ideally as soon as patches are pushed)
  • Break Git dependencies: make it possible generate the POT in an unpacked tarball
  • Figure out how to best share messages across versions (2.x vs. 3.x) so they only have to be translated once
  • Clean up checked-in PO files even more, for nicer diffs
  • Automate & document the process so any dev can do it

Discussion: http://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-devel/2013-January/msg00063.html

Contact: pviktori

Web UI extensibility

Ongoing refactoring to support better extensibility: #3235 #3236

  • navigation: router, menu
  • application controller
  • extension registration
  • builders, object definition and alternation by plugins during app start-up
  • test impact: different URLs (hash content)

Contact: pvoborni

Remove global API object

The first step here is to allow plugin registration on any API object. The syntax used for this in the plugins is already decided, see Coding Best Practices#Decorator-based plugin registration.

contact: pviktori


Mutable Command objects

The Commands should be instantiated every time they're called, so that we can set attributes on them to share data between pre/post-callbacks.

api.Command['user_mod'] instantiates a new Command

contact: pviktori

Index plugin Namespaces by classes

Ticket: #4185 Index plugin namespaces by classes

Instead of api.Command['obj_cmd'], we should allow and prefer api.Command[obj_cmd] -- indexing with the actual class, which needs to be imported, and thus it's clear (to us and to pylint) it's a dependency.

contact: pviktori

Separate ipapython & ipalib

contact: pviktori

Switch test suite to pytest

contact: pviktori


  • It would be easier to add classes to the tests and configure our CI to run only selected class of tests and for example avoid running really long tests (like CA-less) for every commit.
  • Fixtures would allow easy sharing data between tests -- e.g. create an OTP, use its ID in the next tests. (Currently this needs to be hacked by storing data in class attributes, breaking isolation.)


See refactorings page for the older version.