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V4/Multivalued target filters in permissions

Name: V4/Multivalued target filters in permissions
Target version: 4.0.0
Incomplete.png Pending review
Last updated: 2014-11-7 by Mkosek


Ticket #4074; also see the -devel thread

The permission target filter will become multi-valued.

"Type" permissions, such as most default permissions, will use objectclass target filters instead of wildcard targets.

This is a change to Permissions_V2 that will be implemented in the same release.

An additional virtual attribute, extratargetfilter (--filter in the CLI), will show/update filters that are not implied by --user or --memberof.

Use Cases

It is now possible to use multiple --filter and --memberof options, possibly in combination with -type:

$ ipa permission-add foo --type user --filter '(sn=Smith)' --filter '(givenname=John)' --memberof editors --right read
Added permission "foo"
  Permission name: foo
  Granted rights: read
  Bind rule type: permission
  Subtree: cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=idm,dc=lab,dc=eng,dc=brq,dc=redhat,dc=com
  Extra target filter: (givenname=John), (sn=Smith)
  Member of group: editors
  Type: user

The --type and --memberof options create filters that can be viewed with the --all option:

$ ipa permission-show foo --all
 dn: cn=foo,cn=permissions,cn=pbac,dc=idm,dc=lab,dc=eng,dc=brq,dc=redhat,dc=com
 Permission name: foo
 Granted rights: read
 Bind rule type: permission
 Subtree: cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=idm,dc=lab,dc=eng,dc=brq,dc=redhat,dc=com
 Extra target filter: (givenname=John), (sn=Smith)
 Raw target filter: (sn=Smith), (givenname=John), (memberOf=cn=editors,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=idm,dc=lab,dc=eng,dc=brq,dc=redhat,dc=com), (objectclass=posixaccount)
 Member of group: editors
 Type: user
 ipapermissiontype: V2, SYSTEM
 objectclass: ipapermission, top, groupofnames, ipapermissionv2


Multi-valued ipapermtargetfilter

The ipapermtargetfilter attribute, and its corresponding rawfilter option, will become multi-valued. When more than one value is present, they all need to apply -- they will be joined by (& ) to create the ACI.

Multivalued --memberof

Currently the --memberof option of permission-mod sets the targetfilter to (memberof=groupname).

The option will become multi-valued, and it will no longer conflict with the --filter option.

When --memberof is specified, the permission-mod command will remove any existing (memberof=...) filter(s) that correspond co concrete groups, but leave any other filters; then add any additional filter(s) specified by the --memberof, --type, --filter options.

The permission-add and permission-find commands will only add the memberof filter to any filter(s) specified by other options.

On output, memberof filter(s) matching existing group name(s) will cause corresponding memberof output items.

--type sets (objectclass=...) targetfilter

Currently the --type option sets the ACI location to the appropriate container DN, and the target to a wildcard DN: uid_attr=*,container_dn.

Instead of setting the target, the option will now set the target filter to (objectclass=...) (or possibly, multiple such filters).

Similarly to --memberof, permission-mod's --type will any existing (objectclass=...) filter(s) corresponding to a pre-existing type.

On output, if the ACI location matches an eligible object type, and proper objectclass filters are present, a corresponding type will be reported.

Canonical objectclasses for filter

Each IPA object type that can be used for the --type option will be assigned an object class that will be used for the filter. These will initially be:

ipausergroup or posixgroup

These will be declared in their respective plugin classes. The existence of this declaration will make the type usable in a permission (in contrast with the current situation, where a list of types is hardcoded in the permission & ACI plugins).

Raw targetfilter vs. extratargetfilter

In CLI, ipapermtargetfilter will be accessible as --rawfilter. Setting the option affects the type & memberof virtual attributes. On output, the value will only be present if --all or --raw is specified.

Another multivalued option, extratargetfilter (CLI name: filter) will only list the target filters that are not implied by the memberof and type virtual attributes. When setting this option, these implied filters will be preserved.


Additional requirements or changes discovered during the implementation phase were merged into this document.

Feature Management


The necessary UI design and changes should be done as part of V3/Permissions V2.


Permission --memberof and --filter options will now accept multiple values.

Updates and Upgrades

This change will be implemented in the same release as V3/Permissions V2. See that design for update concerns.


No new package and library dependencies.

External Impact

Externally, this is a part of V3/Permissions V2.

RFE Author

Petr Viktorin