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V4/Manage replication topology 4 4

Name: V4/Manage replication topology 4 4
Tickets: #5502 , #5647 , #5648 , #5649 , #5689 , #5588 , #5867
Target version: 4.4.0
Author: Pvoborni
Incomplete.png Pending review
Test plan: V4/Manage_replication_topology_4_4/Test_Plan
Last updated: 2016-05-19 by Ofayans


Centralized topology management was one of the main features of 4.3.0 release. Management of topology is working but user experience is not at a desired level. This document covers missing parts of topology management to be implemented in 4.4 release.

Use Cases

Same as in original design.


Extends original design. Main topics are:

  • improvement of Web UI topology graph to be usable with bigger number of IPA servers
  • continue with deprecating of ipa-replica-manage and ipa-csreplica-manage for day to day topology management. The direction was discussed in freeipa-devel thread Fate of ipa-replica-manage and ipa-csreplica-manage tools.

ipa(cs)replica manange changes

The long term plan is to completely deprecate ipa-csreplica-manage tool. ipa-replica-manage will be used only for management of winsync agreements, assuming domain level 1.


The only remaining goal before depracation is to transform set-renewal-master into an API command. It will be done according to server roles design page. ticket #5689


del: FreeIPA 4.3 changes allows to transform del command into an API method: server_del. #5588. ipa-replica-manage should call this API method on domain level 1 for backwards compatibility. This new API command should be then used in ipa-server-install --uninstall, more details below.

clean-dangling-ruvs: description at ticket #5411

list-ruv/clean-ruv: extend the commands' default behavior so that they search both ca and domain trees to list/clean from them. ticket #4987. It is to support the new clean-dangling-ruvs subcommand.

abort-clean-ruv: Should work with both suffixes. It should find/check existence of the task first and then abort it. It should make use of the proposed `replica-force-cleaning: yes` ticket #5396 so that it won't hang if a replica is shut down.

Non goals in FreeIPA 4.4 release:

  • move DNA ranges management to API
  • modify re-initialize and force-sync commands of both tools.


New API method, will do the same as current ipa-replica-manage del on domain level 1. It will work only with domain level 1 because domain level 0 requires also to connect to other servers.

Arguments and options:

  • server - argument, server to be deleted
  • --force - should be allowed to call the method even if it was already removed. Should perform cleaning tasks. If server was not deleted, --force doesn't have any additional meaning. This will be a simplification of ipa-replica-manage del --force --clean The difference is that --force won't skip topology disconnection check and last services check.
  • --ignore-topology-disconnect Will skip topology disconnection check.
  • --ignore-last-services Will skip last services check.


In the past uninstallation was 2-3 step process:

  1. ipa-csreplica-manage del <master> (applicable only if the deleted master has CA)
  2. ipa-replica-manage del <master>
  3. ipa-server-install --uninstall

Centralized topology management and changes done in ipa-replica-manage del in FreeIPA 4.3 allows to skip step 1. From personal experience and post on FreeIPA users list step 1 and 2 are often forgotten. Fortunately centralized topology management allows to move ipa-replica-manage del into an API command. It allows to use it from ipa-server-install --uninstall. I.e. the uninstallation process can be simplified into a single command: ipa-server-install --uninstall

Proposal: ipa-server-install --uninstall should connect to API of different master with host credential and call server-del command. It should be done after initial validation. ticket #5588. The reason is that replica cleanup method removes DNS records and server keytabs. Doing it on the to-be uninstalled server would be racy - some of the changes wouldn't be replicated.


Move of ipa-replica-manage del to API command requires little refactoring - ipa-replica-manage prints to output directly but IPA method doesn't do it. Additional change is to adjust ACIs and cleanup method so that ipa server-del can be called with host credentials.

Feature Management


Topology graph

4.3 release came with topology graph component. It is hard to use with higher number of replicas. Canvas has a static size. It doesn't work well on small screens and doesn't take benefit of bigger screens. Will be fixed by resizing canvas size to a size of its container #5647. It will create a little drawback - higher number of replicas might not fit into a smaller canvas and also while the canvas is shrank, some of the nodes will be hidden. Therefore panning and zooming of canvas is required #5502.

D3 force layout used in the canvas positions the nodes using force simulation. The layout is different on each refresh. It makes impossible to create a mental picture of the topology because position of a node is always different. With following graph features: node can be dragged by mouse. Graph supports switching nodes between static and float position. Node's position when layout is static is stored into localStorage. User can then create his own design which is persisted across browser session(but still limited to the browser instance). It is actually a desired state but a path to get there is cumbersome because user has to double click on each individual node. The initial layout can't start with static mode because UI doesn't know position of nodes so starting with float mode is required. Issue will be solved by switching all nodes to static position after initial layout is done. E.g. it can be about 5s(better value should be found during implementation, e.g. it can be computed). UI should provide a way to re-init the layout: a reset layout button.

Topology segments(links between nodes) are created using adder dialog. It is initiated by add button. This is solution is standard in Web UI but in this case it doesn't work very well. User sees which nodes he wants to connect but then he needs to remember the nodes names, find it in the dialog, choose suffix and add. It is slow. UI should provide an interactive way to create the segment. Proposal is to drag-drop mouse from one node to another #5648. This move will identify the two nodes and open the dialog. Right now it conflicts with dragging node on a canvas. There should be a switch between dragging node and creation connection.

Nice to have: segment name field in segment adder dialog should have a placeholder set to "autogenerated".


  • resize canvas on window resize to fill its container #5647
  • implement pan&zoom of canvas #5502
  • switch position of nodes to "static" after initial layout of nodes #5649
  • implement creation of topology segment by dragging from left node to right node #5548
  • set placeholder in segment adder dialog #5867

Server roles won't be displayed in the topology graph in 4.4 release.

Server management

  • Leverage server roles design. Server details page should contain set-renewal-master action in action list. #5689
  • Add delete action to server details page. It will call server_del API method. There has to be a confirmation window with a red(i.e. destroy action) confirm button with label Delete IPA server. #5588


Overview of new or modified CLI commands.

Command Options
ipa server-del --force --ignore-last-services --ignore-topology-disconnect
ipa config-mod --ca-renewal-master=server1.example.com
ipa replica-manage clean-dangling-ruvs


Nothing new.

How to Test

Easy to follow instructions how to test the new feature. FreeIPA user needs to be able to follow the steps and demonstrate the new features.

The chapter may be divided in sub-sections per Use Case.

Test Plan

Test scenarios that will be transformed to test cases for FreeIPA Continuous Integration during implementation or review phase. This can be also link to source in cgit with the test, if appropriate.

Manage replication topology V4.4 test plan