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V4/Certs in ID overrides

Name: V4/Certs in ID overrides
Ticket: #4955
Target version: 4.4.0
Author: Tbabej
Green tick.png Reviewed by: Sbose
Test plan: V4/Certs_in_ID_overrides/Test_Plan
Last updated: 2016-06-17 by Ofayans


To allow IPA to provide the user certificates for the user identities coming from the Active Directory.

Use Cases

The feature will be used by administrators to manually provide the user certificates for the users whose entries do not belong to the FreeIPA.


For FreeIPA, extend the 'ipaUserOverride' objectclass with a new multivalued 'usercertificate' binary attribute storing the certificate. Provide standard CLI and WebUI interface to allow administrators to manage the values.


The implementation uses the standard FreeIPA schema interface and LDAP object framework.

Feature Management


The Web UI will be extended to support the new 'usercertificate' attribute in a consistent manner in respect with the other LDAP objects that are providing it.


Command Options
idoverrideuser-add --certificate=<certificate content>
idoverrideuser-add-cert --certificate=<certificate content>
idoverrideuser-remove-cert --certificate=<certificate content>


This feature has no configuration impacts on the FreeIPA side.


The server's schema will be updated to support the 'usercertificate' attribute for the ID override objects as an extension to the 'ipaUserOverride' object class. This happens transparently during a regular FreeIPA upgrade, hence no custom action needs to be taken.

How to Test

Ideally, this feature should be tested with its SSSD counterpart.

To test in isolation, the following steps should be taken:

  • (optional) Establish a trust with an Active Directory domain
  • Create an ID view
  • Make sure the ID view applies to the host being used for the testing
  • Create an user ID override for the selected user identity
  • Add/Remove/Read the certificate from the user ID override entry

Test Plan

Certs in ID overrides V4.4 test plan