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V4/Certificate Request Queues

Work in progress
This design is not complete yet.

Name: V4/Certificate Request Queues
Ticket: #4907
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Last updated: 2015-07-30 by Mkosek


With the arrival of V4/Certificate Profiles and V4/Sub-CAs, we will initially be issuing certificates automatically provided the certificate request is permitted by the ACIs. This design proposal adds the ability to work with certificate profiles that do not automatically issue certificates, instead enqueuing requests for manual processing. It adds commands to list, review, approve or reject certificate requests, and is primarily an interface to underlying Dogtag capabilities.

Use Cases

Review and approval of certificate requests

Once user certificates are allowed via profiles, the next RFE is likely to be a queue management system so that certificates are not automatically issued.


Dogtag already has the capability to enqueue, review, approve, deny or delete certificate requests, in cases where certificates are not automatically issued. FreeIPA will expose a subset of Dogtag's capabilities for managing these queues.

Existing ACIs will be used to control which entities can issue requests to which CAs, using which profiles.


The ipa cert-request command currently assumes that it will get a certificate back. It will need to be updated to handle the case where a request gets enqueued and provide useful feedback to the user. It should also prominently display the request identifier that can be used with the new ipa certrequest-* commands (see below).

Feature Management




ipa certrequest-find <cahandle>

Search for or list pending certificate requests for the given CA.

ipa certrequest-show <cahandle> <requestId>

Show detail of the given certificate request.

ipa certrequest-approve <cahandle> <requestId>

Approve the certificate request, resulting in certificate issuance.

ipa certrequest-reject <profileId>

Reject the certificate request.


No upgrade procedures are required.

How to Test

Test Plan



Fraser Tweedale