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V3/Trust config command


Related tickets #3333

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We expose an interface to show configuration of a foreign trusted domain (for example NetBIOS name or SID) with trust-show command. We should also expose an interface to actually show global configuration of FreeIPA domain which is already being stored in cn=$IPA_DOMAIN,cn=ad,cn=etc,$IPA_SUFFIX.

Use Cases

  • Trust administrator wants to get properties of FreeIPA domain global configuration, for example:
    • auto-generated GUID or SID
    • NetBIOS name configured during ipa-adtrust-install
    • Primary fallback group
  • Trust administrator wants to modify some of the FreeIPA domain configuration settings which are allowed to be modified (most of the configuration settings will be read-only as any change could break existing trusted domain relationships)


Add 2 new commands trustconfig-show and trustconfig-mod to manipulate the global configuration. Even though we currently (FreeIPA 3.1) support only Active Directory type of trusts, these commands should be already prepared for more types as they will come in the future.

Feature Management


UI will need to implement new page in IPA Server - Trusts section, similarly to "DNS Global Configuration", except this one would be named "Trusts Global Configuration".

The page which would take advantage of the new commands to change these settings. It of course need to respect which fields are read only and which are not. Primary fallback group field should use a widget allowing selecting an existing group in FreeIPA domain or use the default hidden group "SMB Default Group".



trustconfig-show will display configuration of FreeIPA domain, stored in cn=$DOMAIN,cn=$TYPE,cn=etc,$SUFFIX. When the trust is not configured (ipa-adtrust-install was not run), an error will be returned.

Required command options:

  • --type: The exactly same meaning as with trust-add. Currently, the only allowed value will be ad.


trustconfig-mod will allow Administrator to modify selected attributes which would not cause breakage of current trust relationships:

  • Primary fallback group (ipaNTFallbackPrimaryGroup): attribute will accept either a group name for group located in a standard group container (cn=groups,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX) or a DN of the group. The group must have a posixGroup objectclass so that its GID number can be retrieved by ipa-kdb (and other components). Default value for this attribute is a group named Default SMB Group which resides in standard IPA group container (but is hidden on purpose from group-find command).

Required command options:

  • --type, see trustconfig-show command for details.

Major configuration options and enablement

These commands will be only functional when the trusts are configured.



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External Impact


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