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V3/Configurable SID Blacklists


Related tickets:

Microsoft Windows 2012 slightly changed what it sends in the MS-PAC, and it sends a special SID in the ExtraSids buffer. We used to not accept this MS-PAC and raise validation error, but ticket 3231 introduced a static list of SIDs that are filtered and are excluded from the MS-PAC to avoid this error. A target of this RFE is to include this list in LDAP to allow Administrator to change the list and add or remove SID to filter.

Use Cases

Windows 2012 user from a trusted AD domain tries to authenticate to IPA domain, but his ticket is refused due to MS-PAC check. Administrator may want to extend the default list of SID so that the colliding SID is filtered.


Configuration granularity

SID blacklist should be configured per-trust. Administrator should be able to configure a blacklist for both incoming MS-PAC (i.e. authentication from a trusted domain to IPA domain) and outgoing MS-PAC (i.e. for transitive authentication of a user from IPA trusted domain trying to authenticate to other domain trusted by IPA, but which is not trusted directly by this domain).

Schema updates

The feature will introduce 2 new attributeTypes which will be added to MAY list of ipaNTTrustedDomain object class:

attributetypes: ( 2.16.840.1.113730. NAME 'ipaNTSIDBlacklistIncoming'
 DESC 'Extra SIDs filtered out from incoming MS-PAC'
 EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
 SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch
attributetypes: ( 2.16.840.1.113730. NAME 'ipaNTSIDBlacklistOutgoing'
 DESC 'Extra SIDs filtered out from outgoing MS-PAC'
 EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
 SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch

ipa-kdb Changes

Currently, ipa-kdb uses mspac_well_known_sids static list of SIDs to filter SIDs from MS-PAC. Changes:

  • struct ipadb_mspac will be changed:
    • well_known_sids will be renamed to sid_blacklist_incoming
    • new sid_blacklist_outgoing will be added
  • ipadb_mspac_fill_well_known_sids function will be updated to read these new attributes from LDAP and if it finds these attributes, it will fill their value to mspac->sid_blacklist_incoming or mspac->sid_blacklist_outgoing respectively. If the attributes for the trust is missing, it will use the default value in mspac_well_known_sids.
  • Note that mspac->sid_blacklist_outgoing will be unused until the transitive trusts functionality is implemented.

These new attributes should not cause high LDAP load as ipadb_reinit_mspac it is run at most once per minute.



Feature Managment


UI will need to allow updating these new attributes in Settings tab in IPA Server -> Trusts section.


CLI should allow editing of these new attributes. They should not be displayed by default in trust-show or trust-find command, but only with --all option to keep clarity of trust entries in these commands.

Major configuration options and enablement



New attributes will be replicated.

Updates and Upgrades

The 2 new attributeTypes will be added and one ipaNTTrustedDomain object class will be updated.

QUESTION: We can either fill ipaNTSIDBlacklistIncoming and ipaNTSIDBlacklistIncoming for all current trusts during updates or fill them only for re-established and new trusts. The latter would avoid unnecessary update plugin.

The prefilled list should be equal to mspac_well_known_sids list in ipa_kdb_mspac.c.



External Impact