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Upstream User Guide

Currently, FreeIPA project does not actively maintain any upstream guide in a form of a book. The upstream authoritative source of information is the this wiki site. Please see Documentation page for the list of the most recent user documentation and links to books written by others.


We are looking forward to contributions from the FreeIPA community! Please see page Contribute/Documentation for further information.


Until 2013, FreeIPA project had a Technical Writer maintaining both RHEL downstream guide and upstream FreeIPA guide built for Fedora project. When the Technical Writer got out of capacity to handle the upstream guide, the FreeIPA development team announced an effort to carry the torch and forked the outdated documentation in a new repository and started the work on reviving it again (Trac milestone 1, Trac milestone 2).

Unfortunately, over it became apparent that despite several brave contributors helping with the guide, the project simply does not have resources to develop both FreeIPA and comprehensive documentation for it. The FreeIPA guide was way behind the RHEL downstream guides maintained by a new Technical Writer. In addition, old Fedora released documentation often popped up and clobbered FreeIPA upstream documentation in search engine results. The situation required change that FreeIPA users are not confused with obsolete information.

Writing documentation is enormous task in itself. However, until a team of upstream Technical Writers joins the project to contribute alongside the developers (call for help on freeipa-users list) the only viable option is to stop maintaining and reviving the upstream guide and keep only 2 main sources of documentation - design documents and articles of this community wiki, and downstream documentation, from which the RHEL one is the most complete. Guide was orphaned, as announced on fedora-docs list.

Deprecated Upstream Guides

The following upstream guides are deprecated and no longer maintained: