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Welcome to the FreeIPA v2 Fedora-15 Test Day Page!

  • Fedora 15 Test Day will be held on Feb 15 2011.
  • Please see the details of the Fedora Test Day effort here
  • The test cases and instructions can be found below.

We need your feedback!

  • Talk to us #freeipa on freenode
  • Send as an email.
  • Log issues and enhancements in trac or Bugzilla.

Test Cases and Instructions

The following list shows the testcases that cover FreeIPA functionality. Please use the Fedora Test Day page for reporting results.

  • Installation - Installing a FreeIPA server both with and without DNS. Removing the installed instance
  • CLI - Command line interface test cases with special focus on users, groups, hosts and services
  • Help - The built-in help system as well as standalone manual pages
  • UI - Managing users, groups, hosts, services and more using the Web UI
  • Authentication - Authenticating a user via SSH or graphical login manager
  • Delegation - Assigning rights to update objects
  • DNS - Managing DNS entries using FreeIPA management framework
  • Migration - Migrating users and groups from an existing FreeIPA instance or a standalone LDAP server
  • Client enrollment - Adding a client machine to the FreeIPA domain including trasfer of a host keytab
  • HBAC - Host Based Access Control Rules define a set of policies that specify which users can access which machines
  • NIS - Some FreeIPA data can be exposed to NIS clients
  • SUDO - Storing SUDO rules centrally on a FreeIPA server and managing them using the common management interface
  • Automount - FreeIPA supports storing and managing Automount maps
  • Replication - The directory can be replicated into multiple instances for failover or redundance

See the Fedora test day page for more information.