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From time perspective, FreeIPA upstream releases are tied to Fedora release schedule. The development is coordinated so that the most recent FreeIPA bits can be released and delivered before next Fedora version is finished and released so that it's available to all it's users. In parallel with development of the next bleeding-edge FreeIPA version we do support and maintenance versions present in the stable Fedora releases (see Fedora releases page).

Requests for upstream

A primary and authoritative source of enhancement/bug tickets is our upstream Pagure page. It contains the planned fixes for both current development and maintenance branch (see FreeIPA roadmap for more details).

Where to get FreeIPA

Upstream releases are always released both as source tarball and as a build for current Fedora versions. There is also a Copr build, providing the builds for other platforms, including EPEL. See Downloads or Quick Start Guide pages for details where to get the developed FreeIPA versions.

Current Efforts

  • FreeIPA 4.7: development of new major version focused on stability, supportability and reflecting Fedora changes
  • FreeIPA 4.6.x: stabilization of version focused on Python3 latest release
  • FreeIPA 4.5.x: stabilization of the latest feature release

Postponed/Abandoned efforts

Future Direction

  • FreeIPA versions 4.8+ will focus primarily on robustness, stability, testing and troubleshooting capabilities. Work on new features is deprioritized till the aforementioned aspects are good enough.
  • Next major feature bucket is called "Future Releases". The tickets in the "Future Releases" bucket will be reviewed and considered first to be pulled to next FreeIPA release.
  • Tickets in the "Ticket Backlog" is the main backlog for tickets we think are a good idea but we do not plan to complete any time soon due to our resource planning. However, it does not mean we do not welcome our community to contact us and contribute! It may still happen though, that we will pick a ticket from this milestone to next FreeIPA release, but it is much less likely than with Future Releases.
  • The tickets in the "Deferred" bucket are tasks we surely do not plan to complete ourselves and we do not recommend community to look at those either (unless strongly justified). Discuss your plans on implementing these tickets on freeipa-devel list first please.

Notes about P and A of IPA

  • The general direction of the project is to continue adding identity and policy related changes to IPA.
  • The audit component of the project was deferred, the reasoning can be found on the About page. However, there are ongoing efforts how to close this gap, see Centralised Logging.