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Pull request on Github

At first you have to create your own fork of FreeIPA on github.com. Please read how to here.

Add your github fork to git remote branches in your local freeipa repository (cloned from fedorahosted)

$ git clone https://pagure.io/freeipa.git
$ cd freeipa/
$ git remote add myfork git@github.com:<you>/freeipa.git

Create a new branch (from master)

$ git checkout -b fix-for-ticket-1234

Put changes there, commit and do rebase. We do not allow merges so commits must be applied on the top of current master branch.

$ git rebase master fix-for-ticket-1234

Push your commits to your Github fork and create pull request against freeipa/freeipa. Please add ticket to pull request (if exists) and short summary.

$ git push myfork

If you need to make any modifications in pull request, edit the commits locally and use force push to your branch in your Github fork. Changes will be applied automatically to pull request.

$ git push myfork --force

When pull request is created, FreeIPA developers are automatically notified. All review will happen on Github.

Please put link to your pull request to ticket field Patch link (if fixes any ticket).