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IPAv2 2190 beta1

Release date Released Mar 5 2012

The FreeIPA team is proud to announce version 2.1.90 beta 1.This will eventually become FreeIPA v2.2.0.

It can be downloaded from Downloads or from our development repo (http://freeipa.org/downloads/freeipa-devel.repo). Fedora 16 and 17 builds are available.

Builds for Fedora 15 are no longer being provided. Packages that FreeIPA requires are not available in Fedora 15.

Highlights in 2.1.90 beta 1

  • Forms-based login. If Kerberos negotiate authentication fails you have the option of logging in using a form using username and password. Or you can go directly to /ipa/ui/login.html if you do not have/cannot get a Kerberos ticket. This is the preferred alternative login mechanism over enabling KrbMethodK5Passwd.
  • Logout from the UI
  • Support for SSH known-hosts with sssd 1.8.0. This will create a known-hosts file dynamically based on information stored in IPA.
  • DNS forwarders now configurable via IPA
  • Configurable by DNS zone: query policy, transfer policy, forward and reverse synchronization and forward policy.
  • More consistent hostname validation
  • Recommendation that the compat plugin be disabled during migration (unnecessary overhead)
  • On new installations the default users group, ipausers, is now non-POSIX


We tested upgrades from 2.1.4 successfully but this is beta code. We do not recommend upgrading a production server.

Installing updated rpms is all that is required to upgrade from 2.1.4.

It is unlikely that downgrading to a previous release once 2.1.90 is installed will work.

Upgrading directly from the alpha may work but is untested.


Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-devel mailing list: http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/freeipa-devel

Detailed Changelog since 2.1.90 beta 1

Jan Cholasta (1):

  • Configure SSH features of SSSD in ipa-client-install.

John Dennis (8):

  • update translation pot file and PY_EXPLICIT_FILES list
  • update po files
  • created Transifex resource, adjust tx config file to point to it.
  • Tweak the session auth to reflect developer consensus.
  • Implement session activity timeout
  • Implement password based session login
  • Log a message when returning non-success HTTP result

Martin Kosek (21):

  • Ease zonemgr restrictions
  • Update schema for bind-dyndb-ldap
  • Global DNS options
  • Query and transfer ACLs for DNS zones
  • Add DNS conditional forwarding
  • Add API for PTR sync control
  • Add gidnumber minvalue
  • Add reverse DNS record when forward is created
  • Sanitize UDP checks in conncheck
  • Add client hostname requirements to man page
  • Add SSHFP update policy for existing zones
  • Improve dns error message
  • Improve dnsrecord-add interactive mode
  • Improve hostname and domain name validation
  • Improve FQDN handling in DNS and host plugins
  • Improve hostname verification in install tools
  • Fix typos in ipa-replica-manage man page
  • Remove memberPrincipal for deleted replicas
  • Fix encoding for setattr/addattr/delattr
  • Add help for new structured DNS framework
  • Improve dnsrecord interactive help

Ondrej Hamada (3):

  • Validate attributes in permission-add
  • Migration warning when compat enabled
  • ipa-client-install not calling authconfig

Petr Viktorin (6):

  • Make ipausers a non-posix group on new installs
  • Add extra checking function to XMLRPC test framework
  • Add common helper for interactive prompts
  • Make sure the nolog argument to ipautil.run is not a bare string
  • Use stricter semantics when checking IP address for DNS records
  • Use stricter semantics when checking IP address for DNS records
  • Use reboot from /sbin

Petr Voborník (18):

  • Fixed content type check in login_password
  • Improved usability of login dialog
  • Removed CSV creation from UI
  • Fixed problem when attributes_widget was displaying empty option
  • Added missing configuration options
  • Static metadata update - new DNS options
  • New checkboxes option: Mutual exclusive
  • DNS Zone UI: added new attributes
  • DNS UI: added A,AAAA create reverse options to adder dialog
  • Fixed displaying of A6 Record
  • New UI for DNS global configuration
  • Multiple fields for one attribute
  • Added attrs to permission when target is group or filter
  • Moved is_empty method from field to IPA object
  • Making validators to return true result if empty
  • Fixed DNS record add handling of 4304 error
  • Added unsupported_validator
  • Fixed redirection in Add and edit in automember hostgroup.
  • Fixed selection of single value in combobox
  • Added logout button
  • Forms based authentication UI

Rob Crittenden (37):

  • Limit the change password permission so it can't change admin passwords
  • Don't allow "Modify Group membership" permission to manage admins
  • Add the -v option to sslget to provide more verbose errors
  • Make sure memberof is in replication attribute exclusion list.
  • Don't check for schema uniqueness when comparing in ldapupdate.
  • Add Conflicts on mod_ssl because it interferes with mod_proxy and dogtag
  • Don't allow IPA master hosts or important services be deleted.
  • Catch public exceptions when creating the LDAP context in WSGI.
  • Don't consider virtual attributes when validating custom objectclasses
  • Add Requires to ipa-client on oddjob-mkhomedir
  • Fix managing winsync replication agreements with ipa-replica-manage
  • Check for duplicate winsync agreement before trying to set one up.
  • Remove unused kpasswd.keytab and ldappwd files if they exist.
  • Make sure 389-ds is running when adding memcache service in upgrade.
  • Don't run restorecon if SELinux is disabled or not present.
  • Limit allowed characters in a netgroup name to alpha, digit, -, _ and .
  • Don't call memberof task when re-initializing a replica.
  • Fix bad merge of not calling memberof task when re-initializing a replica
  • Add support defaultNamingContext and add --basedn to migrate-ds
  • Fix nested netgroups in NIS.
  • Warn that deleting replica is irreversible, try to detect reconnection.
  • Don't set migrated user's GID to that of default users group.
  • Don't delete system users that are added during installation.
  • Only apply validation rules when adding and updating.
  • subclass HTTP_Status from plugable.Plugin, fix not_found tests
  • Make hostnames adhere to new standards in HBAC tests
  • Fix WSGI error handling
  • Add status command to retrieve user lockout status
  • Add support for sudoOrder
  • Make hostnames adhere to new standards in hbactest plugin tests
  • Fix API.txt and VERSION to reflect new sudoOrder option.
  • Add --noac option to ipa-client-install man page
  • Do kinit in client before connecting to backend
  • Only warn if ipa-getkeytab doesn't get all requested enctypes.
  • Fix NSS no_init in the NSSHTTPS class

Simo Sorce (4):

  • ipa-kdb: Fix ACL evaluator
  • policy: add function to check lockout policy
  • ipa-kdb: fix delegation acl check
  • Fix ticket checks when using either s4u2proxy or a delegated krbtgt