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IPA v1 Release

IPA v1 Release

Date: April 2008

Overview: User identity management and centralized authentication for Unix/Linux world

Requirements Doc


  • Linux Distribution (Fedora / Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS)
  • 389 Directory Server
  • MIT Kerberos
  • NTP
  • Tools for installation
  • Administrative tools (web and command-line)

Main use cases to be solved

  • Authenticate user to Linux/Unix using Kerberos/LDAP instead of NIS.
  • Set up Directory/Kerberos enviroment easily
  • Manage Linux/Unix user identity centrally and more easily (GUI)
  • Enable basic synch with AD and roadmap to a more robust synch

Compelling reason to use

  • Compliance is forcing organizations off of NIS
  • Efficiency is forcing organizations to a better identity management solution
  • Too expensive to maintain an LDAP/Kerberos implementation themselves