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HowTo/Integrate With Okta

There are 2 steps to getting OKTA and FreeIPA to talk together.

1.The Agent

Download the correct agent and install it on your FreeIPA Server. This is all well documented and supported within OKTA.

2. Attribute Mapping

All these steps are done withing Okta itself, see proposed mappings for LDAP Configuration.

LDAP Version

This can be any of them, I chose Sun because it had some of the right attributes, but it doesn't matter.


  • Unique Identifier Attribute: ipauniqueid
  • DN Attribute - dn


  • Object Class - posixaccount
  • Account Lock Attribute - nsaccountlock
  • Account Lock Value - true
  • Password Attribute - userpassword
  • Password Expiration Attribute - krbpasswordexpiration

Extra User Attributes

I didn't fill any of these out.


  • Object Class - posixgroup
  • Member Attribute - member
  • User Attribute - memberof


I'm not sure this actually is mapped correctly:

  • Object Class - role
  • Member Attribute - member

Search Base

Replace dc=example,dc=com with your realm.

  • User Search Base - cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  • Group Search Base - cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com