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Obsolete:Samba 4 Storing Clear Text Password

Obsolete Documentation

Please note that this content was marked as obsolete. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

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In the initial implementation the password synchronization will be implemented by storing the clear text password in the LDAP backend. In the final implementation this will be replaced using an LDB module. See also this page.

By default Samba encrypts user password before storing it into the backend. Samba can be configured to store clear text password by enabling the DOMAIN_PASSWORD_STORE_CLEARTEXT flag in the pwdProperties attribute of the domain object.

The flag is defined as follows:


Current Code

Password Hash Module

The password encryption is done in source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/password_hash.c.

When a new password is being set using LDAP add or modify operation, the module will check the password policy using the build_domain_data_request() function:

// search password policy in domain object
attrs[] = { "pwdProperties", "pwdHistoryLength", NULL };
return ldb_build_search_req(&ac->dom_req, ldb, ac,
    NULL, attrs,
    ac, get_domain_data_callback,

The get_domain_data_callback() function will check the DOMAIN_PASSWORD_STORE_CLEARTEXT bit:

data->pwdProperties = samdb_result_uint(ares->message, "pwdProperties", 0);
data->store_cleartext = data->pwdProperties & DOMAIN_PASSWORD_STORE_CLEARTEXT;

The clear text password will be stored in the supplementalCredentials attribute by the setup_supplemental_field() function:

// check password policy
if (io->domain->store_cleartext &&
    (io->u.user_account_control & UF_ENCRYPTED_TEXT_PASSWORD_ALLOWED)) {
    do_cleartext = true;

// add a package for clear text password
if (do_cleartext) {
    /* Packages */
    pp = &packages[num_packages++];

    /* Primary:CLEARTEXT */
    nc = &names[num_names++];
    pc = &packages[num_packages++];

// store clear text password into the package
if (pc) {
    *nc		= "CLEARTEXT";
    pcb.cleartext	= *io->n.cleartext_utf16;
    ndr_err = ndr_push_struct_blob(&pcb_blob, io->ac, 
        lp_iconv_convenience(ldb_get_opaque(ldb, "loadparm")),

    pcb_hexstr = data_blob_hex_string_upper(io->ac, &pcb_blob);

    pc->name	= "Primary:CLEARTEXT";
    pc->reserved	= 1;
    pc->data	= pcb_hexstr;

// store package into supplementalCredentials
scb.sub.num_packages	= num_packages;
scb.sub.packages	= packages;

ndr_push_struct_blob(&io->g.supplemental, io->ac, 
        lp_iconv_convenience(ldb_get_opaque(ldb, "loadparm")),

Encoder and Decoder Functions

The clear text encoder & decoder functions are defined in librpc/gen_ndr/ndr_drsblobs.c:

_PUBLIC_ enum ndr_err_code ndr_push_package_PrimaryCLEARTEXTBlob(struct ndr_push *ndr, int ndr_flags, const struct package_PrimaryCLEARTEXTBlob *r)
    if (ndr_flags & NDR_SCALARS) {
        NDR_CHECK(ndr_push_align(ndr, 4));
            uint32_t _flags_save_DATA_BLOB = ndr->flags;
            ndr_set_flags(&ndr->flags, LIBNDR_FLAG_REMAINING);
            NDR_CHECK(ndr_push_DATA_BLOB(ndr, NDR_SCALARS, r->cleartext));
            ndr->flags = _flags_save_DATA_BLOB;
        NDR_CHECK(ndr_push_trailer_align(ndr, 4));
    if (ndr_flags & NDR_BUFFERS) {
    return NDR_ERR_SUCCESS;

_PUBLIC_ enum ndr_err_code ndr_pull_package_PrimaryCLEARTEXTBlob(struct ndr_pull *ndr, int ndr_flags, struct package_PrimaryCLEARTEXTBlob *r)
    if (ndr_flags & NDR_SCALARS) {
        NDR_CHECK(ndr_pull_align(ndr, 4));
            uint32_t _flags_save_DATA_BLOB = ndr->flags;
            ndr_set_flags(&ndr->flags, LIBNDR_FLAG_REMAINING);
            NDR_CHECK(ndr_pull_DATA_BLOB(ndr, NDR_SCALARS, &r->cleartext));
            ndr->flags = _flags_save_DATA_BLOB;
        NDR_CHECK(ndr_pull_trailer_align(ndr, 4));
    if (ndr_flags & NDR_BUFFERS) {
    return NDR_ERR_SUCCESS;

Proposed Solution

There is no code changes required in Samba. However, after installing Samba the clear text password needs to be enabled by executing the following command:

% ldapmodify -x -D "cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=samba,dc=example,dc=com" -W
dn: dc=samba,dc=example,dc=com
changetype: modify
replace: pwdProperties
pwdProperties: 17