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Obsolete:Samba 3 Schema

Obsolete Documentation

Please note that this content was marked as obsolete. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

Please check our Documentation for a recent list of topics.

Samba Schema

This schema is defined in /etc/dirsrv/schema/60samba.ldif.

Attribute Types

Name Description
lmPassword LanManager Password
ntPassword NT Password
acctFlags Account Flags
pwdLastSet NT Password Last Set
logonTime NT Logon Time
logoffTime NT Logoff Time
kickoffTime NT Kickoff Time
pwdCanChange NT Password Can Change
pwdMustChange NT Password Must Change
homeDrive NT Home Drive
scriptPath NT Script Path
profilePath NT Profile Path
userWorkstations User Workstations
smbHome Samba Home
domain Windows NT domain to which the user belongs
rid NT RID
primaryGroupID NT Primary Group ID

Object Classes

Name Description
sambaAccount Samba Auxiliary Account

Samba 3 Schema

This schema is defined in /etc/dirsrv/schema/60samba3.ldif.

Attribute Types

Name Description
sambaLMPassword LanManager Password
sambaNTPassword MD4 hash of the unicode password
sambaAcctFlags Account Flags
sambaPwdLastSet Timestamp of the last password update
sambaPwdCanChange Timestamp of when the user is allowed to update the password
sambaPwdMustChange Timestamp of when the password will expire
sambaLogonTime Timestamp of last logon
sambaLogoffTime Timestamp of last logoff
sambaKickoffTime Timestamp of when the user will be logged off automatically
sambaBadPasswordCount Bad password attempt count
sambaBadPasswordTime Time of the last bad password attempt
sambaLogonHours Logon Hours
sambaHomeDrive Driver letter of home directory mapping
sambaLogonScript Logon script path
sambaProfilePath Roaming profile path
sambaUserWorkstations List of user workstations the user is allowed to logon to
sambaHomePath Home directory UNC path
sambaDomainName Windows NT domain to which the user belongs
sambaPasswordHistory Concatenated MD4 hashes of the unicode passwords used on this account
sambaSID Security ID
sambaPrimaryGroupSID Primary Group Security ID
sambaSIDList Security ID List
sambaGroupType NT Group Type
sambaNextUserRid Next NT rid to give our for users
sambaNextGroupRid Next NT rid to give out for groups
sambaNextRid Next NT rid to give out for anything
sambaAlgorithmicRidBase Base at which the samba RID generation algorithm should operate
sambaShareName Share Name
sambaOptionName Option Name
sambaBoolOption A boolean option
sambaIntegerOption An integer option
sambaStringOption A string option
sambaStringListOption A string list option
sambaPrivilegeList Privileges List
sambaTrustFlags Trust Password Flags

Object Classes

Name Description
sambaSamAccount Samba 3.0 Auxilary SAM Account
sambaGroupMapping Samba Group Mapping
sambaTrustPassword Samba Trust Password
sambaDomain Samba Domain Information
sambaUnixIdPool Pool for allocating UNIX uids/gids
sambaIdmapEntry Mapping from a SID to an ID
sambaSidEntry Structural Class for a SID
sambaConfig Samba Configuration Section
sambaShare Samba Share Section
sambaConfigOption Samba Configuration Option
sambaPrivilege Samba Privilege