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Obsolete:OpenLDAP LDAPI Support in JLDAP

Obsolete Documentation

Please note that this content was marked as obsolete. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

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A synchronization tool will communicate with the DS instances used by IPA and Samba and synchronize their contents. At least initially the sync tool will be implemented in Java. In the final implementation it could be replaced by native code if necessary.

Communicating with IPA's DS instance can be via regular/secure LDAP protocol. Communicating with Samba's DS instance requires the use of LDAPI. The DS instances are identified by their URLs.

A regular LDAP URL will look like the following:


A secure LDAP URL will look like the following:


An LDAPI URL will look like the following:


The LDAPI URL contains a path to a Unix domain socket file /usr/local/samba/private/ldap/ldapi.

The OpenLDAP JLDAP library provides a Java API to communicate with LDAP servers. However, the library currently only supports regular LDAP and secure LDAP protocol schemes. It currently does not support LDAPI.

The junixsocket library provides a Java API to communicate via Unix domain socket. This library could be used in JLDAP to provide LDAPI support. There are also other libraries such as JUDS but junixsocket's API is based on Java Socket API which is used by JLDAP.

Current Code


Using the current IETF API, an LDAP connection can be created by providing an LDAP or LDAPS URL containing the host name and port number of the LDAP server:

LDAPUrl url = new LDAPUrl("ldap://localhost:389");
LDAPConnection connection = LDAPConnection();
connection.connect(url.getHost(), url.getPort());


The com.novell.ldap.LDAPUrl class currently only recognizes ldap and ldaps protocol schemes.

private void parseURL(String url) {

    if (url.substring(scanStart, scanStart + 7).equalsIgnoreCase("ldap://")) {
        scanStart += 7;
        port = LDAPConnection.DEFAULT_PORT;

    } else if (url.substring(scanStart, scanStart + 8).equalsIgnoreCase("ldaps://")) {
        scheme = "ldaps";
        scanStart += 8;
        port = LDAPConnection.DEFAULT_SSL_PORT;

    } else {
        throw new MalformedURLException("LDAPUrl: URL scheme is not ldap");

LDAP Connection

The com.novell.ldap.Connection class creates the socket using Java Socket API by providing the host name and port number.

private void connect(String host, int port, int semaphoreId) {

    if(mySocketFactory != null) {
        socket = mySocketFactory.createSocket(host, port);

    } else {
        socket = new Socket(host, port);

Proposed Solution


The IETF API should be modified to allow creating a connection by providing an LDAPI URL which contains a path to the socket file:

LDAPUrl url = new LDAPUrl("ldapi://%2Fusr%2Flocal%2Fsamba%2Fprivate%2Fldap%2Fldapi");
LDAPConnection connection = LDAPConnection();


The com.novell.ldap.LDAPUrl should be modified to recognize the ldapi protocol scheme.

private void parseURL(String url) {

    if (url.substring(scanStart, scanStart + 8).equalsIgnoreCase("ldapi://")) {
        scheme = "ldapi";
        scanStart += 8;

        path = url.substring(scanStart, scanEnd);

LDAP Connection

A new connect() method should to be added into com.novell.ldap.Connection to create a socket by providing a path to the socket file.

private void connect(File path) {

    AFUNIXSocket unixSocket = AFUNIXSocket.newInstance();
    unixSocket.connect(new AFUNIXSocketAddress(path));

    socket = unixSocket;