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Obsolete:IPAv3 Synchronization Tool

Obsolete Documentation

Please note that this content was marked as obsolete. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

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Synchronization tool is a collection of applications that will be used to synchronize IPA and Samba backends so they contain identical data. The synchronization process is described in this page.


Change Log Monitor

The Change Log Monitor monitors changes occuring in DS then invoke the Synchronization Agent to process the update.

Syncback Module

The Syncback Module intercepts update requests coming into Samba just like DS plugin then invoke the Synchronization Agent to process the update. See also this page.

Synchronization Agent

The Synchronization Agent receives the notification about changes in one tree from either Change Log Monitor or Syncback Module, transform the object using the Mapping Engine, then updates the corresponding object in the other tree. See also this page.

Mapping Engine

The Mapping Engine transforms objects from one format into another using a set of mapping rules. See also this page.

Synchronization Manager

The Synchronization Manager provides a user interface (command-line or graphical) for maintaining the synchronization process which includes initializing the backends, starting/stopping synchronization, managing mapping rules, and resolving errors. See also this page.