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FreeIPAv2:Development Status

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FreeIPAv2 Development Documentation

Please note that this content was made during FreeIPAv2 development and it may no longer be relevant for current versions of FreeIPA. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

Please check our Documentation for a recent list of topics.

This page and all pages it links to are a work in progress. Please note that any content may be changed as the development progresses.

IPA v2 Development Progress


IPA Client

IPA Server

System Management


CA Integration




Back End Concepts

Plugin framework

DNS integration

389 Directory Server

Default configurations for IPA components

IPA Server Reference Pages

User Interface Design




Current progress

We initially began development of the new v2 components outside of our main repository. These have since been re-integrated for the server and the new client code will remain separate.

To checkout the code, use the git clone repository_url. Please note that these repositories changing rapidly and may not always be buildable.

IPA Server

The server using the new XML-RPC framework. This is the same repository as the V1 code. All work for V2 has been done in the master branch.

Test Repository

With the release of alpha 1 we have created a yum repository that contains the Fedora 11 x86 and x86_64 binaries. To use this repository retrieve the file:


IPA Client

The client components.


DNS integration

Dynamic loading of DLZ drivers

This is a patch allowing BIND to dynamically load DLZ drivers. Without the patch, drivers need to be compiled into BIND. We aim to get this feature upstream as soon as possible.

Code will be available soon.

IPA LDAP driver

Code will be available soon.

BIND DLZ write-back support patch

No code available at the moment.


The documentation is still work in progress. Here is the progress so far:

Provides detailed information about IPA, the technologies with which it works, and some of the terminology used to describe it. It also provides high-level design information for both the IPA client and server.

Developer Documentation

Documentation Repository

The repository contains all of the XML and PNG files used to build the entire documentation set, using publican and DocBook XML. This is part of the Fedora Documentation Project.
This contains the git repository is an archive for post-1.0 and 2.0 documentation.