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FreeIPAv2 Development Documentation

Please note that this content was made during FreeIPAv2 development and it may no longer be relevant for current versions of FreeIPA. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

Please check our Documentation for a recent list of topics.

WebUI 2.1

The WebUI was completely rewritten for the 2.0 release. These are the design documents for aspects of the 2.1 release.

Entity Navigation

The action panel on the left will be replaced with a third level of tabs and integrated support on the top.

The search box will be available from anywhere within the entity

Navigation Enhancements for 2.1

Entitlement support

The ability to register, view, and consume entitlements from a candlepin based server.

DNS Enhancements

DNS Plugin User Interface for 2.1

Better support for larger number of records, organization of records along common use cases.

Automount Support

Automount support was originally slated for 2.0, but was cut due to time constraints.