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This document describes the process to execute and develop test cases for IPA Web UI using Selenium.

This document assumes that IPA source code is checked out in IPA_SRC directory and IPA Server is installed on the same machine.

Web UI test files can be found in IPA_SRC/install/ui/test. There are several subfolders:

  • bin: This folder contains test scripts.
  • conf: This folder contains test configurations.
  • lib: This folder contains test libraries.
  • functional: This folder contains the test cases and suites. Test suite file names follow this pattern: <test name>-suite.html.
  • results: This folder contains test results. Test results file names follow this naming pattern: <test name>-results.html.

Installing Selenium Server

Download Selenium Server and put the selenium-server-standalone-xxx.jar file in /usr/share/java. Create a symbolic link to that file:

% ln -s selenium-server-standalone-2.0b3.jar selenium-server-standalone.jar

Configuring Firefox

The following steps should be done while Firefox is running with the default profile. This is to make sure the tests can run continuously without any intervention.

To open Firefox's profile manager:

% firefox -ProfileManager -no-remote

Importing IPA CA Certificate

Import /etc/ipa/ca.crt into Firefox.

Importing Selenium CA Certificate

Extract cybervillainsCA.cer into a temporary folder:

% mkdir tmp
% cd tmp
% jar xvf /usr/share/java/selenium-server-standalone.jar sslSupport/cybervillainsCA.cer

Import sslSupport/cybervillainsCA.cer into Firefox. The temporary folder can be removed now.

SSL Certificate

Open http://localhost. Accept and store all untrusted IPA certificates if asked.

Disabling Add-on Notification

Open about:config in Firefox, then add the following preference:

  • Name: extensions.newAddons
  • Type: boolean
  • Value: false

Running Tests using Selenium Server

Selenium Server can be used to run the tests from command line.

Close all Firefox instances, then run one of the following scripts. These scripts will launch a new Firefox instance with a new profile copied from the default Firefox profile. There will be 2 Firefox windows, one for the Selenium, and the other for IPA Web UI. Any configuration changes made to this instance will not be saved into the default Firefox profile.


The functional.sh can be used to run some or all functional test cases.

% cd IPA_SRC/install/ui/test
% bin/functional.sh [<test suite names>...]

The test suite names should correspond to the test suite files in IPA_SRC/install/ui/test/functional folder. The names should be separated by spaces, e.g. user group host. The results are going to be stored in the IPA_SRC/install/ui/test/results folder.

If no test suite names are specified, this script execute all functional test suites.


The selenium.sh will execute the specified test suite and store the results in the specified path.

% cd IPA_SRC/install/ui/test
% bin/selenium.sh <test suite path> <test results path>

The <test suite path> is the path to the HTML test suite. The <test results path> is the path for the output.

Running Tests using Selenium IDE

Install Selenium IDE in Firefox. Open Selenium IDE, then open a test suite (*-suite.html).

Writing Tests using Selenium IDE