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FreeIPAv2:SUDO integration plans

FreeIPAv2 Development Documentation

Please note that this content was made during FreeIPAv2 development and it may no longer be relevant for current versions of FreeIPA. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

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SUDO Intergation

This page outlines our plans regarding SUDO integration.

Current Situation

Currently SUDO utility can be configured to use SUDO rules defined in the LDAP server. Here is a high level diagram:

SUDO Current.png

The description of the current LDAP support in SUDO can be read here. Any Directory Server can load the described schema and become a provider of the centrally managed SUDO rules for the SUDO clients. The problem with such solution is that the data in the SUDO rules is disjoint from the other data stored in the Directory Server. User accounts is the example. This causes an additional management burden for the administrators. IPA sees goal in reducing this overhead and providing an integrated way of manging all the objects stored in the IPA. IPA plans to provide an integrated solution to manage SUDO rules centrally and in the integrated way. This plan consists of the two phases.

Phase One

On the first phase the IPA server will introduce a new schema that will allow tight integration between the internal objects and the SUDO rules. With the help of the compatibility plugin (that is a part of IPA) the SUDO rules in the internal representation will be translated into the representation expected by the SUDO clients on the fly. IPA already uses this approach for netgroups and to allow compatibility between different versions of the RFC 2307 schemata.

SUDO Phase1.png

For this phase the following development work needs to be done:

  • Design the new schema for the SUDO. The following page is dedicated to this effort: FreeIPAv2:SUDO Schema Design
  • Create management plugin to manage new objects in the schema
  • Expose new functionality via UI/CLI and describe it in the man pages and project documentation.

Phase Two

On the second phase the SUDO utility will be integrated with the SSSD. SUDO is currently implementing pluggable interface that this effort will take advantage of. The plugin to the SUDO will operate under the same principles as the NSS or PAM modules. The SSSD will be able to get the SUDO rules in their native form and cache them on in its local storage of offline use cases.

SUDO Phase2.png

For this phase the following development work needs to be done:

  • Create a more detailed design page
  • SUDO needs to release a version that provides pluggable interface
  • Create a plugin into SUDO
  • Create a SUDO responder daemon as a part of the SSSD
  • Enhance IPA back end to fetch SUDO rules and cache them locally