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Release date Released 2019-03-19

The FreeIPA team would like to announce FreeIPA 4.6.5 release!

It can be downloaded from http://www.freeipa.org/page/Downloads.

Highlights in 4.6.5


  • Honor SRV record priority and weight
  • Support for the IPAddr SAN type
  • Added more indices to improve performance

Bug fixes

FreeIPA 4.6.5 is a stabilization release for the features delivered as a part of 4.6.0.

There are more than 18 bug-fixes details of which can be seen in the list of resolved tickets below.


Upgrade instructions are available on Upgrade page.


Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-users mailing list (https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/freeipa-users@lists.fedorahosted.org/) or #freeipa channel on Freenode.

Resolved tickets

  • 7883 Cannot install ipa-server on rhel7
  • 7852 pki spawn fails for IPA replica install from RHEL6 IPA master
  • 7803 Missing index on idnsName
  • 7797 SSSD's getservby*() causes performance issues
  • 7796 ipa-replica-install fails migrating CentOS 6 to 7
  • 7792 Missing index on ipaconfigstring
  • 7786 Index accessruletype, hostcategory, ipaenabledflag, ipserviceport, and ipserviceprotocol by default
  • 7777 new prci_definitions memory requirements
  • 7775 IPA Upgrade failed with "unable to convert the attribute u'cACertificate;binary'"
  • 7770 searching for ipa users by certificate fails
  • 7751 add ipaapi user to the list of allowed uids in [ifp] section in sssd configuration
  • 7731 ipa-advise command points to old URL's.
  • 7706 Adding 3rd Party CAs to IPA results in SmartCard preparation script failure
  • 7684 Re-installing replica on the same system displays 'WARNING: cannot check if port 443 is already configured'
  • 7681 ipa server uninstall with -v option displays "IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor Logged from file ipautil.py, line 442"
  • 7666 ipa-server-install script is failing when using the "--no-dnssec-validation" parameter combined with the "--forwarder"
  • 7659 ipa trust-add fails in FIPS mode.
  • 7644 ipa-server-upgrade displays 'DN: cn=Schema Compatibility,cn=plugins,cn=config does not exists or haven't been updated'
  • 7642 Installation fails: Replica Busy

Detailed changelog since 4.6.4

Aleksei Slaikovskii (1):

     Prevent installation with single label domains

Alexander Bokovoy (10):

     ipaserver/dcerpc.py: handle indirect topology conflicts
     Allow anonymous access to parentID attribute
     Move fips_enabled to a common library to share across different plugins
     ipasam: do not use RC4 in FIPS mode
     ipa-kdb: reduce LDAP operations timeout to 30 seconds
     ipa-sidgen: make internal fetch_attr helper really internal
     ipaserver/dcerpc: fix exclusion entry with a forest trust domain info returned
     make sure IPA_CONFDIR is used to check that client is configured
     Processing of server roles should ignore errors.EmptyResult
     Update template directory with new variables when upgrading ipa.conf.template

Anuja More (2):

     Test for ipa-client-install should not use hardcoded admin principal
     Test for ipa-replica-install fails with PIN error for CA-less env.

Armando Neto (11):

     ipaserver config plugin: Increase search records minimum limit
     Prevent the creation on users and groups with numeric characters only
     ipa-client-install: Update how comments are added by ipachangeconf
     ipa-server-install: fix zonemgr argument validator
     Fix pylint 2.0 return-related violations
     Fix pylint 2.0 conditional-related violations
     Fix Pylint 2.0 violations
     Disable Pylint 2.0 violations
     Fix regression: Handle unicode where str is expected
     ui_tests: fix test_config::test_size_limits
     Fix certificate type error when exporting to file

Christian Heimes (67):

     Sort and shuffle SRV record by priority and weight
     Increase WSGI process count to 5 on 64bit
     Always set ca_host when installing replica
     Improve and fix timeout bug in wait_for_entry()
     Use common replication wait timeout of 5min
     Fix replication races in Dogtag admin code
     Use 4 WSGI workers on 64bit systems
     Add test case for allow-create-keytab
     Require python-ldap with fix for ref counting bug
     Use freeipa/ci-ipa-4-6-f27 for PR-CI
     Ensure that public cert and CA bundle are readable
     Always make ipa.p11-kit world-readable
     Make /etc/httpd/alias world readable & executable
     Fix permission of public files in upgrader
     Catch ACIError instead of invalid credentials
     Import ABCs from collections.abc
     Query for server role IPA master
     Only create DNS SRV records for ready server
     Delay enabling services until end of installer
     Fix CA topology warning
     Fix race condition in get_locations_records()
     Auto-retry failed certmonger requests
     Wait for client certificates
     Tune DS replication settings
     Fix DNSSEC install regression
     pylint 2.0: node.path is a list
     Add tab completion and history to ipa console
     Create helper function to upload to temp file
     Fix ipa console filename
     Handle races in replica config
     Teach pylint how our api works
     Add pylint ignore to magic config.Env attributes
     Fix KRA replica installation from CA master
     Rename pytest_plugins to ipatests.pytest_ipa
     Fix ipadb_multires resource handling
     Don't abuse strncpy() length limitation
     has_krbprincipalkey: avoid double free
     ipadb_mspac_get_trusted_domains: NULL ptr deref
     ipapwd_pre_mod: NULL ptr deref
     Allow ipaapi user to access SSSD's info pipe
     Copy-paste error in permssions plugin, CID 323649
     Fix pytest deprecation warning
     pylint 2.2: Fix unnecessary pass statement
     pylint: Fix duplicate-string-formatting-argument
     pylint: also verify scripts
     Address misc pylint issues in CLI scripts
     Address pylint violations in lite-server
     Address inconsistent-return-statements
     Fix Module 'pytest' has no 'config' member
     Silence comparison-with-itself in tests
     Ignore W504 code style like in travis config
     Ignore consider-using-enumerate for now
     Address consider-using-in
     Fix comparison-with-callable
     Fix useless-import-alias
     Resolve user/group names in idoverride*-find
     Add integration tests for idviews
     Add index and container for RFC 2307 IP services
     LDAPUpdate: Batch index tasks
     Add more LDAP indices
     Create reindex task for ipaca DB
     Add index on idnsName
     Create systemd-user HBAC service and rule
     Make conftest compatible with pytest 4.x
     Fix systemd-user HBAC rule
     Add workaround for slow host/service del
     Optimize cert remove case

Felipe Barreto (1):

     Fixing tests on TestReplicaManageDel

Florence Blanc-Renaud (43):

     ipa client uninstall: clean the state store when restoring hostname
     PRCI: extend timeouts
     Tests: add integration test for password changes by dir mgr
     ipa commands: print 'IPA is not configured' when ipa is not setup
     Test: test ipa-* commands when IPA is not configured
     DS replication settings: fix regression with <3.3 master
     uninstall -v: remove Tracebacks
     ipautil.run: add test for runas parameter
     Fix ipa-replica-install when key not protected by PIN
     ipa-server-install: do not perform forwarder validation with --no-dnssec-validation
     tests: add test for server install with --no-dnssec-validation
     ipa-replica-install: fix pkinit setup
     Tests: test successful PKINIT install on replica
     ipa-replica-install: properly use the file store
     Test: scenario replica install/uninstall should restore nss.conf
     ipa-advise: fix script for smart card preparation
     Bump requires for pki
     Bump requires 389-ds-base
     Adapt backport to ipa-4-6 branch
     ipa-replica-install --setup-adtrust: check for package ipa-server-trust-ad
     ipa-backup: restart services before compressing the backup
     ipatest: add functional test for ipa-backup
     ipa user-add: add optional objectclass for radius-username
     tests: add xmlrpc test for ipa user-add --radius-username
     radiusproxy: add permission for reading radius proxy servers
     ipatests: add integration test for "Read radius servers" perm
     ipa-replica-install: password and admin-password options mutually exclusive
     ipatests: add test for ipa-replica-install options
     ipatests: fix test_replica_uninstall_deletes_ruvs
     ipaldap.py: fix method creating a ldap filter for IPACertificate
     ipatests: add xmlrpc test for user|host-find --certificate
     ipa upgrade: handle double-encoded certificates
     ipatests: add upgrade test for double-encoded cacert
     ipatests: fix TestUpgrade::test_double_encoded_cacert
     ipatest: add test for ipa-pkinit-manage enable|disable
     PKINIT: fix ipa-pkinit-manage enable|disable
     replication: check remote ds version before editing attributes
     replica installation: add master record only if in managed zone
     ipatests: add test for replica in forward zone
     tests: fix failure in test_topology_TestTopologyOptions:test_add_remove_segment
     CRL generation master: new utility to enable|disable
     Test: add new tests for ipa-crlgen-manage
     ipa server: prevent uninstallation if the server is CRL master

Francisco Trivino (1):

     prci_definitions: update vagrant memory topology requirements

François Cami (5):

     Add a shared-vault-retrieve test
     Add a "Find enabled services" ACI in 20-aci.update so that all users can find IPA servers and services. ACI suggested by Christian Heimes.
     pylintrc: ignore R1720 no-else-raise errors
     ipatests: add too-restritive mask tests
     ipa-{server,replica}-install: add too-restritive mask detection

Fraser Tweedale (12):

     Fix writing certificate chain to file
     ipaldap: avoid invalid modlist when attribute encoding differs
     rpc: always read response
     certupdate: add commentary about certmonger behaviour
     cert-request: restrict IPAddress SAN to host/service principals
     cert-request: collect only qualified DNS names for IPAddress validation
     cert-request: generalise _san_dnsname_ips for arbitrary cname depth
     cert-request: report all unmatched SAN IP addresses
     Add tests for cert-request IP address SAN support
     cert-request: more specific errors in IP address validation
     cert-request: handle missing zone
     cert-request: fix py2 unicode/str issues

Ganna Kaihorodova (1):

     Add check for occuring traceback during uninstallation ipa master

Ian Pilcher (1):

     Allow issuing certificates with IP addresses in subjectAltName

Kaleemullah Siddiqui (1):

     Test coverage for multiservers for radius proxy

Michal Reznik (7):

     ui_tests: fixes for issues with sending key and focus on element
     ui_tests: extend test_config.py suite
     ipa_tests: test ssh keys login
     test: client uninstall fails when installed using non-existing hostname
     tests: sssd_ssh fd leaks when user cert converted into SSH key
     add strip_cert_header() to tasks.py
     bump ci-ipa-4-6-f27 PRCI template

Mohammad Rizwan Yusuf (6):

     Extended UI test for selfservice permission.
     Extended UI test for Certificates
     Check if issuer DN is updated after self-signed > external-ca
     Check if user permssions and umask 0022 is set when executing ipa-restore
     Test if WSGI worker process count is set to 4
     Test error when yubikey hardware not present

Nikhil Dehadrai (1):

     Test for improved Custodia key distribution

Oleg Kozlov (1):

     Remove stale kdc requests info files when upgrading IPA server

Petr Voborník (1):

     ipa-advise: update url of cacerdir_rehash tool

Rob Crittenden (12):

     VERSION.m4: Set back to git snapshot
     zanata: update translations for ipa-4-6
     Use replace instead of add to set new default ipaSELinuxUserMapOrder
     Replace some test case adjectives
     Rename test class for testing simple commands, add test
     replicainstall: DS SSL replica install pick right certmonger host
     Disable message about log in ipa-backup if IPA is not configured
     Enable LDAP debug output in client to display TLS errors in join
     Update mod_nss cipher list so there is overlap with a 4.x master
     Add support for multiple certificates/formats to ipa-cacert-manage
     Add tests for ipa-cacert-manage install
     Send only the path and not the full URI to httplib.request

Robbie Harwood (2):

     Clear next field when returnining list elements in queue.c
     Add cmocka unit tests for ipa otpd queue code

Sergey Orlov (1):

     ipatests: add test for correct modlist when value encoding differs

Serhii Tsymbaliuk (15):

     Fix hardcoded CSR in test_webui/test_cert.py
     Use random IPs and domains in test_webui/test_host.py
     Increase request timeout for WebUI tests
     Fix test_realmdomains::test_add_single_labeled_domain (Web UI test)
     Use random realmdomains in test_webui/test_realmdomains.py
     Fix test_user::test_login_without_username (Web UI test)
     Fix unpermitted user session in test_selfservice (Web UI test)
     Add SAN extension for CSR generation in test_cert (Web UI tests)
     Generate CSR for test_host::test_certificates (Web UI test)
     Add cookies clearing for all Web UI tests
     Remove unnecessary session clearing in some Web UI tests
     Increase some timeouts in Web UI tests
     Fix UI_driver.has_class exception. Handle situation when element has no class attribute
     Change Web UI tests setup flow
     Fix "Configured size limit exceeded" warning on Web UI

Sumit Bose (1):

     ipa-extdom-exop: add instance counter and limit

Thierry Bordaz (1):

     In IPA 4.4 when updating userpassword with ldapmodify does not update krbPasswordExpiration nor krbLastPwdChange

Thomas Woerner (4):

     ipaserver/plugins/cert.py: Added reason to raise of errors.NotFound
     Find orphan automember rules
     Fix ressource leak in client/config.c get_config_entry
     Fix ressource leak in daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-cldap/ipa_cldap_netlogon.c ipa_cldap_netlogon

Tibor Dudlák (4):

     Do not check deleted files with `make fastlint`
     Re-open the ldif file to prevent error message
     Add assert to check output of upgrade
     Do not set ca_host when --setup-ca is used