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Obsolete:IPAv3 Installation

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Obsolete Documentation

Please note that this content was marked as obsolete. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

Please check our Documentation for a recent list of topics.


% yum install python-configobj python-ldap certmonger krb5-workstation \
pam_krb5 sssd pyOpenSSL python-kerberos python-lxml python-nss \
krb5-server krb5-server-ldap mod_auth_kerb mod_nss mod_python mod_wsgi \
openldap-clients pki-ca pki-silent python-pyasn1 slapi-nis nss-pam-ldapd \
python-netaddr krb5-pkinit-openssl bind bind-dyndb-ldap


% yum install python-kerberos krb5-server krb5-server-ldap \
mod_auth_kerb mod_nss mod_python freeradius openldap-clients \
slapi-nis python-tgexpandingformwidget python-cherrypy pyOpenSSL \
python-nss python-assets python-wehjit python-lxml

Hosts File

Edit /etc/hosts:     localhost.localdomain localhost
::1           localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 ipa1.example.com ipa1

Installing Released Binaries

% yum install ipa-server

Installing Daily Build

Create a .repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d:


Building from Source Code

% yum install git autoconf automake libtool \
openldap-devel libcurl-devel xmlrpc-c-devel \
nspr-devel nss-devel 389-ds-base-devel svrcore-devel mozldap-devel \
gettext rpm-build python-paste \
openssl-devel e2fsprogs-devel libcap-devel libuuid-devel \
python-devel popt-devel python-setuptools python-krbV


% yum install krb5-devel \
cyrus-sasl-devel \
python-ldap \
python-pyasn1 TurboGears openldap-devel 
% git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/freeipa.git
% cd freeipa

IPA 1.2:

% git checkout -b ipa-1-2 origin/ipa-1-2
% make local-dist

IPA 2.0:

% git checkout -b ipa-2-0 origin/HEAD
% make rpms

The RPMs will be created in dist/rpms directory.