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= Overview =
= Overview =

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Obsolete Documentation

Please note that this content was marked as obsolete. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

Please check our Documentation for a recent list of topics.


This page describes the development phases for the IPA & Samba backend synchronization.

Phase 1

In the first phase we will have 3 systems: IPA, Samba, and AD. Each system will have a client, server, and name server. A synchronization will be set up between IPA and Samba. A trust will be established between Samba and AD.


Phase 2

In the second phase we will set up an additional server in each system. A replication will be set up between the old and the new server. A synchronization will be set up between the new IPA server and new Samba server. The name servers will be configured such that the client can connect to any of the servers in each system.


Phase 3

In the third phase we will combine the backends of each pair of IPA and Samba servers. We will also move the IPA and Samba servers into a single machine. The IPA and Samba name servers will also be combined.