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Howto/FreeIPA with integrated BIND inside chroot

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IPA with integrated BIND inside chroot

This how-to was created on RHEL 6.4 with IPA 3.0.

Please see this note about chroots.

  • Install IPA as usual and add package bind-chroot:
    • yum install ipa-server bind bind-chroot bind-dyndb-ldap -y
    • ipa-server-install --setup-dns
  • Add required libraries to chroot environment (use do copy or link, whatever you prefer)
    Following script should copy all necessary files to "$CHROOT":
CP="cp -Lpcvr"
ARCH="64" # empty string should work for x86_32 architecture

# urandom is required by Kerberos libraries
$CP /dev/urandom "$CHROOT/dev/"

# add libraries
mkdir -p "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/libldap-2.4.so.2 "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/liblber-2.4.so.2 "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/libplds4.so "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/libplc4.so "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/libnspr4.so "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/libcrypt.so.1 "$LIB"
$CP /lib$ARCH/libfreebl3.so "$LIB"
mkdir -p "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/libssl3.so "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/libsmime3.so "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/libnss3.so "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/libnssutil3.so "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/libsasl2.so.2 "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/krb5 "$USRLIB"
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/sasl2 "$USRLIB"

# add bind-dyndb-ldap library
$CP /usr/lib$ARCH/bind/ldap.so "$BINDLIB"

# add BIND and Kerberos configuration
$CP /etc/named.* "$ETC"
$CP /etc/rndc.* "$ETC"

# add Kerberos configuration
$CP /etc/krb5.conf "$ETC"
mkdir -p /etc/ipa
$CP /etc/ipa/ca.crt "$ETC/ipa"

# Kerberos needs also name->IP mapping for KDC
$CP /etc/hosts "$ETC"
  • In (chrooted) /etc/named.conf and replace LDAPI socket with localhost:
arg "uri ldap://
  • In (chrooted) /etc/krb5.conf comment out includedir line.
    • Krb5 library initialization will fail if include directory is not accesible. TODO: Find some nicer way how to handle this problem.
includedir /var/lib/sss/pubconf/krb5.include.d
  • BIND should be able to start now.

This article is enhanced version of Dale's post on freeipa-users list.

NOTE: Chroot should not be considered a security feature

A chroot jail is often described as being a security feature. In reality a chrooted environment is no more secure than a non-chrooted environment. The root user is able to "break out" of a chroot jail, which is not unexpected behavior of the super user. Non root users are not able to escape from a chroot jail, but due to the nature of security, one has to assume that an attacker who is sophisticated enough to gain local access to a chrooted environment is also sophisticated enough to gain root privileges. A chrooted environment is ideal for running a process in a minimal environement, it should not be considered more secure than a non chrooted environment. Proper Discretionary Access Control (DAC) permissions provide the same basic level of security as a chrooted environment.