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FreeIPAv2:Schema for loading and processing

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FreeIPAv2 Development Documentation

Please note that this content was made during FreeIPAv2 development and it may no longer be relevant for current versions of FreeIPA. We left the content here for study and archaeological purposes.

Please check our Documentation for a recent list of topics.

The following files are the files that contain just attributes and object classes extracted from the pages DS Design Summary and DS Design Summary 2 respectfully.

  • ExtractedBase.txt
  • ExtractedPolicy.txt

Take a note that there is a section commented out int the first files and replaced with a temporary placeholder. This is dues to the fact that currently the DS does not support the syntax we need for those attributes. As soon as the syntax issue is addressed we would be able to remove the placeholder and use the proper definition.

The following awk script does some formatting of the files above, uses proper terms and also assigns OIDs to attributes and objects.


These are the two files generated using the script above.

The commands that were used are:

 awk -f eobj.awk ebase1.txt > 60basev2.ldif
 awk -v va=28 -v vo=12 -f eobj.awk ebase2.txt > 60policyv2.ldif

the parameters indicate the starting number for attribute (va) and class (vo) OIDs.

To take advantage of the v2 schema:

  • Drop the files into the /etc/dirsrv/slapd-<YOUR-DOMAIN>/schema.
  • One of the attributes we plan to use contradicts with the attribute defined in 05rfc2247.ldif so move this ldif out of the directory - it is not used in IPA. We will address this collision later in the scope of IPA v2.
  • Restart 'dirsrv' service