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FreeIPA project is an open source and as thus offers a free access to it's source codes as well as transparent policies how the changes to the code are planned, executed and released.


FreeIPA project has 1 active repository:

Read access

As said in the beginning, the code can be freely retrieved, feel free to build and test and contribute!

Write access

Write access is allowed only to a limited list of upstream core developers (member list) who are contributing to the project success, keep the code base clean and functional. The list is kept short to make sure that all committers know what should be pushed, when, to which branch(es) and with appropriate bookkeeping in bug trackers.

Push policy

After a patch is pushed, committer needs to do the following:

  • Add a name and a mail of the reviewer to the end of the commit message in Reviewed-By tag - it is later used for statistics. Example:
Reviewed-By: Joe Hacker <joe@hacker.test>
  • Confirm that if the patch has a valid ticket it's URL is referenced in the patch description
  • Close the associated ticket(s). Include the commit hash for each branch. It is equally acceptable to include only the hash or a full URL to the upstream change.
  • Add the hash to any associated Bugzillas. If this corrects the problem (i.e., all tickets linked to Bugzilla are closed) put the Bugzilla into POST state so that downstream is notified about the finished work.

Process tools

To make the committer's life a little bit easier, we developed an ipatool which makes sure that the right patches are pushed to the right branches and that all mandatory patch requirements are fulfilled (like setting the Reviewed-By field). It also prepares text snippets with commit IDs to be added to mail response, Trac ticket or Bugzilla.