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User Documentation

User Guides

Upstream user guide is not maintained. However, the following list of downstream user guides can serve as a comprehensive documentation source on top of this community wiki:

By Component

Learn about FreeIPA by reading information about the particular components that compose the entire solution.

Additional Resources

Old version 1 resources

Developer Documentation

Feature Designs

This section contains designs that have actually been implemented in FreeIPA:

Feature Proposals

This section contains new or historical proposal that have not yet been approved/implemented or that have been superseded or abandoned.

Additional Resources

FreeIPA Training Series

FreeIPA 3.3 & SSSD 1.11

FreeIPA server presentations

SSSD client presentations

FreeIPA 3.0 & SSSD 1.9.2

FreeIPA server presentations

SSSD client presentations

Public Presentations

Here you can find presentations or other materials which FreeIPA team presented on various public conferences.